Become a supplier
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Do business with DanChurchAid

DanChurchAid is always interested in expanding our contractor database with suppliers and service providers who can provide quality goods and services at competitive prices. Therefore we invite companies with the capacity and ability to operate within a complex and changing relief and development environment to register their company and product or service with DanChurchAid’s Procurement and Logistic Unit.

In order to uphold our ability to react to conflicts and support our development work in the countries and regions we work in, we set high standards for our procurement and the suppliers and service providers we work with. We do not compromise on quality, ethics, price and delivery time and we have high expectations for our suppliers and service providers who must be professional, reliable and demonstrate accountability. 

How to become a supplier

To become a supplier or service provider, please fill out and submit the Contractor Registration Form with supporting documentation and product leaflets. Only registration submissions with complete and accurate information will be reviewed for approval.

Download the Contractor Registration Form (135.00 kB) and submit it at or send it to DanChurchAid, Procurement and Logistic Unit, Noerregade 13, DK-1165 Copenhagen, Denmark.

A contractors registration does not guarantee that a company will be invited to each tender issued by DanChurchAid and we reserve the right to delete a supplier or service provider from our database in the event of poor performance, non-competitive offers and/or non-compliance with General Terms and Conditions and our Code of Conduct for Contractors. (200.01 kB)