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DanChurchAids explosive ordnance disposal experts has removed several large Russian made surface-to-air missiles placed by the former ruler Gadhafi on a farmers land
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A DanChurchAid employee in Gaza has been quoted in the Danish press for naming the recent Israeli attacks in Gaza as “genocide”. DCA regrets the use of the word.
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More than 17,000 people affected by the escalating conflict, received food packages from DanChurchAid yesterday. DanChurchAid’s workers are working full speed to meet the needs of emergency relief.
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For millennia they have lived in the desert. Without electricity, far from water and now also under Israeli occupation that continuously confiscates more and more of the Bedouins’ land into closed military area
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Where there is life, there must be water, and now there is in the Bethlehem desert. But the golden drops are fragile and so is the life as a Bedouin.
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In 2009, when the Coup d’état took place in Honduras, four judges took action.
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DCA (DanChurchAid) is urgently appealing for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza
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DCA will work together with specialized branches of the Libyan army aiming at enhancing the Libyan capacities to store explosive ordnance and general stockpile management in accordance with international standards and mitigate the risk posed by explosive munitions.
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Many people of Gaza are trapped in their homes, says DCA employee in Gaza, who himself is staying indoor with his frightened family
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Military actions by all parties must stop. Thirty-four humanitarian organizations including DanChurchAid appeal for peace.