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As the first development and aid organization in Denmark, DanChurchAid now accept donations in the digital currency bitcoin
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Hondurans feel generally unsafe as most of the emergency calls to the police are not well attended
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For the first time in their lives 550 Palestinian Bedouins have got electricity, TV and washing machines, which has made the work for especially women much easier and less time consuming.
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Hundreds of toy guns collected as a part of DanChurchAid’s armed violence reduction program in Libya have now been turned in to an art piece saying “NO” to violence
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In the nearest future, 220.000 Palestinians will receive a visit from Palestine’s new and only mobile clinic that will screen, treat and inform them about diabetes. The biggest cause of death in Palestine
Three year after the Libyans started a revolution and got rid of a dictator they are still struggling to rebuild society. A lack of security is one of the biggest problems and DanChurchAid, therefore, is training the local authorities in how to provide security for their own population.
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Everyone in the village try to eke out a living from the poor stony soil. After a short training Asemamaw swings his sledge hammer with ease as if he was a son of stonemasons.
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Entrepreneurship training, small business venture management and seed money have changed Libsitu’s life in remote Ethiopia
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April 4th is International Mine Awareness Day and DanChurchAid tells the story of Laos. The country where millions of bombs were dropped during the Vietnam War, and how the bombs still pose an everyday threat for the civilians in Laos
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Three months after the outbreak of armed conflict, the number of displaced people has now reached one million. Humanitarian organisations struggle to get access to the most vulnerable, and a political agreement between the disputing parties seems far away.