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Another good year

Income for the year

Total income, inclusive of financial income (net), at DanChurchAid reached DKK 650.1m in 2015 – the highest revenue ever.

Revenue is DKK 85.4m higher than in 2014. Income from the Danish people to contribute to our work amounted to DKK 187.5m while grants from Danida, the EU and other international donors in total amounted to DKK 454.7m.


Development and Humanitarian aid (79%)

Our activities and efforts in 2015 covered all focus areas and, compared to 2014, we saw a considerable increase of DKK 60.3m to a total of DKK 504.8m.

Development projects increased by DKK 13.7m to 239.8m, humanitarian disaster relief projects increased significantly by DKK 35.4m to DKK 173.5m and activities concerning humanitarian mine clearance increased by DKK 11.2m to DKK 91.5m. Overall, the main focus has been on areas like humanitarian disaster aid, protection of democratic values, disaster prevention as regards food safety and climate change as well as activities related to humanitarian mine clearance.

From a geographic perspective, Africa continues to be the continent, in which DanChurchAid has the highest level of activity as expenses of DKK 240.4m were incurred here, equal to 48% of our total relief efforts.

This relates in particular to the following countries, which have seen major activities:

South Sudan, where a total of DKK 94.1m was used and where focus has been on disaster relief and humanitarian mine clearance activities, and in; Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda, where respectively DKK 38.3m, 25.4m and 18.6m has been used and where activities have been focused on disaster prevention as regards food safety and climate change, HIV & AIDS prevention, etc as well as the protection of democratic values.

Asia has seen the second highest level of activity with DKK 122.1m, equal to 24%. This relates in particular to the following countries which have seen much activity; Nepal, where DKK 44.7m was used and where focus has been on humanitarian aid following the earthquake and, in Myanmar and Cambodia, where respectively DKK 27.1m and 21.9m has been used and where activities have primarily been focused on protecting democratic values and humanitarian mine clearance activities.

In the Middle East, DKK 72.7m was used, equal to 14%. Here the two main activities have been at the West Bank/Gaza (DKK 22.3m), in Lebanon (DKK 21.1m) and in Libya (DKK 17m), where activities have surrounded protecting democratic values, disaster relief and humanitarian mine clearance.

In Europe, DKK 17.7m (4%) has been used; in Latin America, DKK 11.9m (2%) has been used. As regards global activities, just under DKK 40m (8%) has been used.

Learning Lab was founded in 2014 and in 2015 the concept was further developed, focusing on innovation, efficiency improvements and developing capacity accumulation and competencies at DanChurchAid and among its sister organisations in ACT Alliance.

Information and fundraising (10%)

In 2015, total expenses for information and fundraising amounted to DKK 64.9m, which is DKK 5.8m more than in 2014. Concerning fundraising, expenses have been incurred for
fundraising activities like the annual parish fundraising campaign, continued focus towards new forms of fundraising; like recruiting contributors, the campaign “Give a Goat” (gift catalogue), operating central logistics (inventory) in relation to secondhand clothes and new secondhand shops and establishing the shop Wefood – sale of surplus food (shop opened in February 2016).

Of the DKK 64.9m, DKK 9.3m is financed externally by Danida amongst others with DKK 1.7m for project-related information and DKK 3.7m which is used to finance NGO-Forum and Verdens Bedste Nyheder (World’s Greatest News), in which DanChurchAid has been responsible for the administrative handling.

Secretarial costs (11%)

In 2015, specific expenses from the secretariat in Nørregade and from operating the re-gional offices in our focus countries reached DKK 70.9m, which is an increase by DKK 10.8m compared to 2014.

Administration percentage

The percentage of administration is 8.4 – a noticeably lower level than in 2014. This is primarily due to revenue being somewhat higher. The percentage of administration is cal-culated by comparing the administrative expenses of Dan Church Aid headquarters to total income.

In 2014 and the beginning of 2015, we entered into a pro bono cooperation with Boston Consulting Group with the aim of improving the overall efficiency within the organisation. The extensive work performed has contributed to creating the opportunity of carrying out the required restructurings that are necessary due to the reduction in Danida’s develop-ment funds effective from 2016.

Profit for the year

Profit for the year of DKK 7m, which is transferred to equity, contributes to improve the financial strength of DanChurchAid as an organisation and a collaborative partner.