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Fighting corruption is building civil society

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Fighting corruption contributes to building civil society and eliminate social injustice, in accordance with DanChurchAid’s vision “To help and advocate for oppressed, neglected and marginalized people in poor countries and to strengthen their opportunity to live a life in dignity”.

The money has to reach the intended beneficiaries

DanChurchAid is entrusted with funds from a variety of donors: Towards donors, partners and beneficiaries, DanChurchAid holds a great responsibility to avoid corruption and to secure that the funds we manage are spent correctly and transparently.

According to Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index, the countries that DanChurchAid operates in are among the countries in the world most prone to corruption.

Put simply, our anti-corruption policy is in place to ensure that the money reaches the right people.

In order to develop and maintain a certain standard in accountability and transparency, DanChurchAid is certified by certified according to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and is a member of Transparency International Denmark (website in Danish).

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Corruption is defined in our policy as "misuse of entrusted power for private (or organisational) gain”. 

Often bribery is the first word, that comes up, when speaking about corruption. But the concept corruption covers more than that. Corruption can also be embezzlement, fraud, extortion, misuse of resources and position, kick-back, theft, favoritism and nepotism. Fraud is economic crime including various forms of swindle, fraud or forgery. DanChurchAid does not tolerate any  kind of corruption.

One of the big challenges in the fight against corruption is to handle conflicts of interest. Often grey zones situations occurs, where it is difficulty to judge if it is corruption or not. Conflict of interest can be when an employee has a private interest that could influence the professional performance. Conflict of interest is not necessarily corruption, it is however important that the situations are handled correctly, so that the integrity of DanChruchAid is not endangered.

In our anti-corruption policy you can read much more about how we define types of corruption and how we encourage our staff and partners to avoid corruption or handle suspicion of corruption.