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Anti-corruption policy

A central tool in DanChurchAid's anti-corruption set-up is a clearly formulated ANTI-CORRUPTION POLICY.

All employees have to adhere to the anti-corruption policy as part of their involvement with DanChurchAid.

As employees of DanChurchAid we are responsible for upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. All employees have signed DanChruchAid Code of Conduct it contains principles for the behavior of staff in relation to e.g. alcohol, weapon, sexual exploitation and corruption.

The anti-corruption policy contains six principles that promote anti-corrupt behaviour and guidance on how to handle corruption, should it occur. As a part of introducing the anti-corruption policy, we provide our our staff with anti-corruption training within the first 3 months of employment, either live or as on-demand e-learning. 

The anti-corruption policy is so far translated into Danish, English, French, Russian, Myanmar, Khmer and Spanish.

The following is a listing of the principles in DanChurchAid’s anti-corruption policy, that are all defined and describe in the policy:

1. Conflicts of interest

2. Abuse of power and extortion

3. Fraud and Embezzlement

4. Bribery (and facilitation payment)

5. Nepotism and favouritism

6. Gifts and Hospitality

You can read much more about the principles in the anti-corruption policy document.