A New Green Partnership with Africa

How can Denmark take part of the responsibility to stop climate change in Africa and assist the continent with much-needed development?

How do we ensure that Denmark's ambitious climate plans also benefit the poorest regions of Africa? DCA has launched an initiative.

On Wednesday September 18th General Secretary of DCA, Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen, hosted the launch of "A new green partnership with Africa" in Copenhagen.

Present at the lauch were Mr. Rasmus Prehn, Minister for Development Cooperation in Denmark, and Mr. Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO at Pension Denmark.

In the memorandum DanChurchAid is encouraging the government to establish a new far-reaching green Partnership with Africa, that we hope will obtain a great amount of political support at the parliament and among Denmark’s African partners, corporations and civil society.

In the memorandum, DanChurchAid presents its recommendations with the hope that they can generate further dialogue and negotiations with relevant actors.

With the SDGs as the point of departure, Denmark must establish a historically ambitious partnership plan for its engagement with Africa.

The Minister for Development Cooperation gave clear indications that the Danish Government is willing to invest more in climate adaptation but emphasized that private investments from ie Pension Denmark are crucial in order to create the necessary change.

Download 'A New Green Partnership with Africa' here.