DCA resumes clearance work in Libya

Ramadan is over and the security situation is again stable enough in Misrata for DanChurchAid's mine clearance teams to resume work. The need is greater than ever and the National Transition Council has welcomed DCA – in person.
DanChurchAid (DCA) recommenced its clearance operations in Misrata Libya after Ramadan and the festival of Eid.
DCA’s search teams have been concentrating on the centre Mantika (Canton) of Misrata and have now started work on the main Tripoli Street, which was central to the struggle between the Freedom Fighters and government forces.
All the buildings, however, still need to be cleared of unexploded ordnance and explosive remnants of war (ERW) before the reconstruction process can begin.

Slow fingertip search necessary

On this first day in the area, the teams recovered 12 MAT 120 bomblets (cluster munitions) amongst other unexploded items. These munitions are delivered in a mortar, which expels 21 of these deadly dual-purpose munitions that are designed to damage tanks and produce fragmentation when they explode.
Due to the nature of the delivery system, DCA teams have to access roof spaces and all high areas as many of these items end up in such places. In buildings that are partially or mostly destroyed this can be challenging at the best of times.

Also inside one of the taller buildings that the government forces took over, one room had been set aside to store ammunition for the fighting.
Unfortunately, this part of the building was set ablaze during part of the battle and the result is that numerous unstable items remain. This task will require a very slow and methodical fingertip search in order to clear the remaining items.

Full support from Minister of Defence

Whilst completing the clearance work a convoy of vehicles stopped and the Minister of Defence from the National Transition Council (NTC) stepped out and spoke with the teams about the work they were doing.
He expressed his gratitude and offered full support in any way he could provide. He was very interested to hear from the national staff as to the items they were finding and the effects it was having on the community.