DCA Staff killed in explosion in Libya

A DCA technical expert has been killed in an explosion in Libya, while clearing an area of buildings of unexploded remains of recent fighting.
“Our thoughts go to the family and friends and the colleagues who were close to him. All are deeply affected by the incident,” Secretary General Henrik Stubkjær says. The area of accident has been secured, an investigation has been initiated and, for the moment, operations are suspended. The explosion underlines the danger associated with unexploded weapons left over after fighting.  For adults and children alike, explosive devices - in homes, schools, and in critical infrastructure like hospitals - pose a huge, lethal threat that simply has to be removed.  “We - DCA, through our EOD staff and through extraordinary people like our colleague who died - save lives.  We have a skill we are obliged to use.  We will investigate, learn the lessons, and renew our efforts to save life in LIbya,” Richard MacCormac, Head of Mine Action Unit, says.