The Beirut-explosion has made 300,000 homeless overnight

©Diego Ibarra Sanchez/New York Times/Ritzau Scanpix

When the port of Beirut exploded, it could be felt almost 300 kilometres away. The fierce explosion has caused more than 220 deaths, 7000 injuries, and has made 300,000 people homeless overnight. And those are just the current numbers.

A land on its knees is now facing another massive challenge.

Photo: Marwan Tahtah/ Apaimages/ Ritzau Scanpix

Many have lost their nearest and are living in chaos. Without food, water or a roof over their head. Even though the dust from the explosion has settled, thousands of people are now facing an uncertain future.

Therefore, DCA is delivering aid to the people most affected by the disaster.

People are looking to the church

DCA is present in Beirut along with sister organisations from Sweden and Norway. Through local and international partners we are providing shelter, blankets, food, hygiene-kits, psychosocial aid and money to cover the most basic needs.

When a catastrophe hits, many people look towards the church. That is also the case in Beirut, where our faith-based partners are part of the effort to provide the aid so many people are in dire need of at the moment.

Photo: Mohamed Azakir/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Because it is not just people’s homes that have been destroyed. It is also medical centres, hospitals, schools, and large corn-silos. An estimated 85 percent of Lebanon’s corn-stock was blown up by the explosion.

In other words, people’s lives have gone up in smoke from one moment to another. And right now, a helping hand could mean the difference between life and death.

Read more about the situation in Beirut in Danish, and support the victims of the blast.