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While the whole world is playing football with Brazil, they country is manufacturing and selling cluster munitions, a weapon that each year mutilates thousands of people. During the World Cup in Brazil, DanChurchAid urges Brazil to join the fight and ban cluster bombs.
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In many countries you can see people without a leg or an arm as a result of cluster munitions. DanChurchAid urges countries like Brazil to ban cluster bombs.
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Organizations from 23 countries all over the world have joined the campaign.
You can too. Sign our letter to the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado and urge Brazil to join the team and ban cluster munitions.
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Everybody knows that it takes two legs to play football. But Brazil, the world’s largest football nation, have not yet signed the UN convention against cluster munitions.
Each year thousands loses a leg or an arm or in the worst cases their lives - cluster bombs and other unexploded weapons is to blame.
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113 countries have signed the UN convention. The signature obliges each country to stop the production of cluster bombs, destroy their storage and ban the use of cluster bombs as a weapon of war.

Created to mutilate

Denmark have signed the convention and in March this year, the last storage of cluster bombs was destroyed. However, countries such as USA, Russia, India, China and Israel have not signed. And neither has Brazil.
Denmark takes an important step in global fight against cluster munitions
Cluster bombs is an awful weapon, designed to mutilate. Even the slightest movement will detonate a cluster bomb.
Cluster bombs are about the same size as a soda can and children can easily pick it up. The bombs remain active long after they have been thrown, which is why they pose an especially large risk for civilians.

Brazil must sign   

DanChurchAid has, along with organizations in more than 23 countries, created the campaign ‘Join the team, Brazil’ to put pressure on the Brazilian government in order to make them sign the UN convention against cluster munitions.
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“We hope that Brazil will realize that it is inhumane to use cluster bombs as weapons of war. Cluster munitions is a large threat to civilians all over the world, it keeps people from living their lives freely and without fear,” says Head of Campaign at DanChurchAid, Gunvor Wibroe.