Legislation banning bloody investments

Denmark is considering legislation banning investment in landmines and cluster munitions, Business and Growth Minister Annette Vilhelmsen has announced.
DanChurchAid has campaigned for a move of this kind, known as ‘disinvestment’, in cooperation with Denmark Against Landmines.
So we welcome this import step by Denmark.  It shows leadership. And it corrects a ‘laisse-faire’ approach to investment in companies producing illegal weapons that has not worked, and that is not in the sprit of Denmarks treaty obligations.
We are ready to assist wherever we can to ensure that coming legislation is as robust and effective as possible.
We are keen that Danish legislation should be match the best examples abroad, for example in addressing both direct and indirect investment, and in ensuring that it applies to anyone – individuals or organisations - subject to Danish law.  
Critics may think this difficult or impossible. But 112 nations are now united against cluster munition production and use.  And with increasing numbers of them now introducing legislation to ban investments in forbidden weapons, success is entirely within reach.