Mobile clinics bombed

Three mobile health clinics, run by DanChurchAids partner organisation, have been destroyed in an Israeli air strike.

The mobile clinics before the attacks.

The organisation Union of Healthcare Committees, initiated by Palestinian doctors and nurses, has recently bought three small trucks, and equipped them to function as mobile health clinics in Gaza.
As part of the emergency response in Gaza, DanChurchAid was going to support an upgrade of the vehicles, so they could be used as basic ER’s, providing much needed intensive care to wounded in Gaza.

The vehicles destroyed by Israli bombings.

We have just received news that all three mobile clinics were bombed and rendered useless on the night of the 5th of January. The vehicles were parked by the Union of Healthcare headquarters and all were clearly marked with red crosses and the caption “Mobile Clinic”.
”We had the possibility of helping the wounded and suffering, because the vehicles have been present and ready inside Gaza. This possibility of emergency aid is now in ruins. We are deeply chocked that the Israeli air strikes directly prevent the humanitarian aid effort.”, says Henrik Stubkjær, Secretary General of DanChurchAid.

DanChurchAid have granted additional funds for purchase of a new vehicle for Gaza, but equipping it as mobile clinics and deploying them in areas where help is needed will take time.
We are also looking into the possibility of supplying additional mobile clinics.