Video: Using pop music to fight dangerous remnants of war

DanChurchAid is cooperating with a South Sudanese pop group to spread important safety messages in the war torn country
©Thomas White

Hand-grenades, land mines, rockets, mortar shells. When you move around in the bush of South Sudan, you risk stepping on more than grass, dirt and branches. After many years of war, the land is in some areas packed with explosive remnants of war, and even though DanChurchAid is working on clearing the land, it will take many years to make South Sudan safe.
Therefore, it is important to spread safety messages to the people, who often do not know what dangerous war remnants looks like.
A particularly important target group is young men. The young are difficult to reach. Even if they young men know the danger, they some times pick unexploded ordnance up to prove them self or act cool.
Because of that, DanChurchAid is cooperating with the Southern Sudanese pop group Jay Family to make a song to affect especially the young people to leave weapons alone.
Listen to the catchy song that is being played on the radio stations in South Sudan and see the great pictures from the DCA Risk Education work: 

The making of the song is funded by Welt Ohne Minen. The Risk Education activities by DCA Mine Action in South Sudan is funded by DANIDA and WRA.