About the donor:
ACT Alliance is a global coalition consisting of 151 faith-based organisations and churches (including DCA) who cooperate on matters of advocacy, development and humanitarian assistance across 140 different countries. ACT Alliance aims to facilitate positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people regardless of their religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality and in keeping with the highest international codes and standards.

Additionally, the members of ACT Alliance include a list of organisations also supporting the projects and operations of DCA, for example: Christian Aid, Church of Sweden, Diakonie, FinnChurchAid, ICCO, Lutheran World Federation and Norwegian Church Aid.

Focus areas:
Primarily, ACT Alliance work within three key areas: advocacy to influence decision makers, policies and structures to favour a just, peaceful and sustainable world; development to ensure growth and protection of human dignity, community resilience and environmental sustainability; and, humanitarian assistance to respond to emergencies and the needs of the vulnerable communities.

ACT alliance seeks to combat poverty, support survivors of disasters, wars and conflicts, train rural communities in sustainable agricultural techniques, help people adapt to environmental change, and influence governments and other key decision makers to safeguard citizens’ human rights. All of this is done in close collaboration with local communities and civil society.

DCA is thankful for the support we receive from ACT Alliance

Current projects funded by ACT Alliance:

Bangladesh: Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Building for the Rohingya and the Host Community (2019-2020)

Previous projects funded by ACT Alliance:

Bangladesh: Humanitarian Assistance to displaced Myanmar nationals and Host Community (2017-2019)

Uganda: ACT Advocacy Coordinator (2018-2019)

Zimbabwe: Drought Response in the Midlands, Northern and Southern Matabeleland Provinces of Zimbabwe (2016-2017)

South Sudan: Famine Crisis Response (2018-2019)