About the donor:
The Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO), is the department within the European Commission responsible for formulating EU’s policy on development and for the delivery of international aid. In addition to this, EuropeAid also oversees international development cooperation and seeks to adapt policies and actions to the evolving needs of partner countries.

Focus areas:
As opposed to the EU’s Directorate General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, DEVCO supports organisations and project that emphasise and further EU’s development objectives which are identified in the Agenda for Change. The Agenda for Change provides the basis for the EU’s development policy in the period 2014-2020.

The three overarching development objectives of the EU are:
1. To reduce poverty
2. To Ensure sustainable economic, social and environmental development
3. To promote strong and inclusive institutions such as democracy, rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights.

The EU also supports DCA's humanitarian interventions through the Directorate General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.

DanChurchAid is thankful for the support we recieve from the EU DEVCO:

Current projects funded by DEVCO:

Cambodia: Voices of Gender Equality: Empowering women, LGBTQ persons, WHRDs and communities to demand justice and combat gender-based violence (2018-2022)

Central African Republic: Conflict prevention and peace building (2019-2021)

Ethiopia: RESET II - Increasing Resilience and Economic Opportunities in Drought Prone Areas of Bale Zone (2016-2020, the European Trust Fund)

Libya: Humanitarian action and mine response (2019-2022)

Malawi Young Women in Active Politics (2018-2021)

Nepal: PARIWARTAN - Participation, Inclusion, and Wider CSOs' Actions for Responsive and Transparent and Accountable local governance in Nepal (2019-2023)

Nepal: Enhanced Action of Inclusive CSOs for Participation in Climate Resilient Economic Growth (2019-2022)

Uganda: The Smart Mix for Responsible Business Conduct in East Africa (2020-2021)

Uganda: Interfaith Action for Gender Justice (2020-2021)

Uganda: Strengthening Youth Participation in Socio-Economic Dev't & Governance in Karamoja (2020-2022)

Zimbabwe: Churches Convergence on Conflict and Peace (2020-2022)

Palestine: Youth Agents of Change (2020-2022)

Syria: Humanitarian Support (2019-2021) 

Previous projects:

Cambodia: Promoting good governance by increasing access to information and strengthening the independent media (2015-2018)

Ethiopia: Integrated Protection and Development Assistance for Eritrean Refugees and their Host Communities in Afar Region (2017-2020)

Ethiopia: Sehala Woreda Drought Emergency response Project (2020)

Uganda Empowering Youth through Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship in Karamoja (2016-2019)

South-East Asia: Improving Food Security Governance in South and South East Asia through strengthened participation of organisations of marginalised farmers (2013-2018)