International Donors
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International Donors

DanChurchAid has focused on building relations with international donors since the late 1990s when a specialised unit was created to handle funding from international donors and our Humanitarian Mine Action Programme was established (see complete list of past and current Mine Action donors here). Today, 22 staff members (of which 14 are working in our field offices) work in the Global Funding Unit, which is specialised in handling funding from international donors.

DanChurchAid submits more than 100 applications to international donors yearly. In 2013 this secured an income of 25,4 million EUR (33,5 % of total income). The Global Funding Officers work closely with our implementing partners in the field in order to facilitate the process of designing projects according to local needs. For more information about DCAs income and activities abroad in 2013 see link.

DanChurchAid activities have been funded by numerous private, institutional, and government donors over the years. Regardless of size, each donation contributes to saving lives and improving livelihoods. The list provides an overview of international donors that have contributed to DCAs programmes and projects in the world. DCA would like to thank all of our past and current donors for their great support.

Projects designed to meet international standards

We give special attention to securing that projects are designed and presented to meet the standard of international donors and to ensure that subsequent implementation adheres to the contractual obligations. We find it important that projects are designed and implemented according to international standards and best practices. Other support units within DanChurchAid help to ensure this.

The unit for procurement and logistics (Prolog) is responsible for procurement. DCA’s Procurement Manual is approved by DG ECHO and meets international standards. Our Humanitarian Response Unit, Programme Finance Unit and Programme Development Unit all contribute to ensure the quality of projects in their design and implementation.

For DanChurchAid it is important to underline that our engagement with international donors is not only seen as a way of securing funding for our programmes and projects. We find it equally important to engage with international donors, because they partly define the standards in project design and implementation and force us and our partners to optimize and improve our performance to the benefit of the final beneficiaries.