We put funding into action
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We put funding into action

If you represent an international donor you will probably be interested in knowing more about how we manage and operate projects and the comparative advantages of funding projects through DanChurchAid, as we see it.

We are specialised in putting donor funding to work in ways that empower people to perform extraordinary acts in the face of hunger and climate changes, emergencies and mine fields, HIV/AIDS and repression.

Implementation through partners: Supporting partners from DCA country representations

DanChurchAid’s choice of implementation strategy is two-fold: 

  1. dotWe support development and humanitarian projects through partners with the support of our country based representations
  2. dotWe are self-implementing and fully operational when working with Humanitarian Mine Action (clearance of mines and mine risk education)

Local partners are often best placed to respond to local needs and secure long-term sustainability. In this regard, DanChurchAid is part of a long tradition of ecumenical cooperation among agencies that are united in the ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together).

Dialogue makes a big difference

In order to enhance the quality of support to partners, DanChurchAid has grown into a fully decentralised organisation with 13 country offices and 6 Humanitarian Mine Action programmes. In total more than 700 persons are directly employed by DCA hereof approximately 500 in the Humanitarian Mine Action programmes.

A country office often serves as a regional office with extensions in neighbouring countries. Being physically present in a country gives us the ability to fully understand the national and local development issues and engage in a constructive dialogue with our local partners.

Global Funding Unit: Specialised in international donor funding

Our global funding unit counts 22 staff members of which 14 are located at our country offices. They all master the detailed and often varied requirements of international donors and are trained in project design (PCM approach), project formulation and presentation, contractual compliance, visibility and other relevant topics.

All project design and proposals are developed in a participatory process where partners and other relevant stakeholders are consulted or directly involved just like we draw on the technical expertise of other units within DanChurchAid: Procurement and Logistics, Humanitarian Assistance, Programme Finance, and Policy & Programme.