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East Jerusalem Youth: Agents of Change

The project Agents of Change focuses on youth-led interventions

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The project focuses on youth-led interventions that aim to contribute towards preserving the Palestinian character of East Jerusalem as well as protect the resilience of the Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem while enabling them to withstand shocks and mitigate protection threats. The project aims to achieve its objective by focusing on the following two areas. First, empower young Palestinian women and men to promote increased understanding about the social, economic, cultural life and heritage of East Jerusalem and generate action to address International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL) violations. Second, to strengthen local East Jerusalem communities capacities, infrastructure, and opportunities in order to enable them to resilient and stay on their land.

In its first component – the project focus on creating two media platforms that empower young Palestinian women and men to highlight East Jerusalem social, economic, and political realities to generate action that addresses International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL) violations. These platforms aim to inform Palestinians as well as international public and decision makers about life in East Jerusalem. The project has launched YPlus, a Palestinian youth media social media platform aiming to change the perceptions about Palestinians internationally. The project also launched Jerusalem 24, a Palestinian English/Hebrew radio that channels the life and news of Palestinians specifically those in East Jerusalem.

In the second component of the project, we focus on mobilizing the community members to contribute to fulfilling their social, political, and economic rights. The project establishes community structures to organize that manage and respond to different kind of risks like political, social, economic and environmental. The project also addresses livelihood opportunities in eight communities through building the infrastructure of community-based tourism in East Jerusalem both in terms of platforms like hiking trails, recreational parks, camping trips and homestay experiences and the capacities of the community to run these platforms.

About the project

Period: June 1st 2019 – November 30th 2022

Total amount: EUR 5,700,000

Donor: European Union and DANIDA

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