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DanChurchAid is always interested in expanding the contractor database with contractors who can provide quality goods and services at competitive prices. Companies with the capacity and ability to operate within a complex and changing relief and development environment are encourage to contact us with their relevant company and product information.

In order to uphold our ability to react to conflicts and support our development work in the countries and regions we work in, we set high standards for our procurement and the contractors we work with. We do not compromise on quality, ethics, price and delivery time and we have high expectations for our contractors who must be professional, reliable and demonstrate accountability. 

How to become a contractor

Contact the Procurement & Logistics department

Nørregade 13
1165 KBH K
33 15 28 00

A contractors registration does not guarantee that a company will be invited to each tender issued by DanChurchAid and we reserve the right to delete a contractor from our database in the event of poor performance, non-competitive offers and/or non-compliance with General Terms and Conditions and our Code of Conduct for Contractors.

Find more information on the selection and award criteria on the Business Opportunities page for specific opportunities.

Ethical Procurement Policy

Ethical procurement is about taking social and environmental factors into consideration alongside financial factors when making procurement decisions. Our ethical procurement principles guides us to look beyond the economic parameters and efficiency in procurement, and additionally consider the life cycle of the products and the associated social consequences, risks, and /or implications for society and environment. 

Like the rest of DCAs relief and development work this ethical commitment is a continuous process which will contribute to creating improvements for the world’s poor and neglected people - and supporting sustainable development. Through our ethical procurement policy we will strive to support Human Rights; ensure workers freedom from exploitation and discrimination; provide security and equity in employment; and minimize environmental damages. 

From 2012 our contractors must sign and live up to the ethical requirements outlined in the  Code of Conduct for Contractors (200.16 kB)

DanChurchAid’s ethical principles and Code of Conduct for Contractors are based on the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade (DIEH) and UN Global Compact principles.