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Doing business with DanChurchAid

DCA continuously expands its contractor database. Our contractors provide quality goods and services at competitive prices while complying with the ethical requirements as laid down in the Code of Conduct for Contractors (249.68 kB). In addition, DCA contractors have the capacity and ability to operate within a complex and changing relief and development environment. Companies who fit these requirements are invited to contact the Procurement and Logistics Unit in DCA at Please feel free to include relevant company and product information.

Contracts in DCA, are the result of transparent competitive procedures among contractors in local, regional or international markets. DCA and implementing partners treat contractors equally and fairly and the Procurement Committee evaluates offers based on clearly defined award criteria informed to contractors. Individuals involved in the Procurement Procedures have declared that they will perform their duties honestly, fairly and impartially, free from any real or apparent conflict of interest. Information obtained in the course of these independent procedures is confidential and without disclosure to third parties.

Award Criteria

In DCA, the award of contracts conforms to the principle of best quality and value for money, which ensures efficiency, effectiveness and economy in procurement. This means that DCA awards the contract to the Contractor offering the lowest price while being substantially responsive and technically compliant.  Provided further that the contractor appears to have the capability and resources to carry out the Contract effectively. DCA includes ethical award criteria whenever it is relevant and pertinent.

To learn more about DCA purchasing, please visit the  Business Opportunities and Contract Awards pages.