Sustainable Development Goals

How the work of DCA contributes

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DanChurchAid and the Sustainable Development Goals

DCA believes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present a new avenue for global cooperation and provide a strong global framework for holding governments accountable to their global commitments on a range of interlinked issues.

Civil society and the private sector play an important role in this process; notably in clarifying how the SDGs can be implemented and measured as well as holding various actors accountable.

Governments have the primary responsibility for implementing the global goals, and all governments have equal responsibility for their realisation. The SDGs present a framework for true cooperation around the delivery of global public goods and respect for human rights.

DCA will contribute to the implementation of the SDGs based on the realisation that each context is different. The way each country programme emphasises the goals and works depends on the national context.

It is thus not realistic to outline a universal presentation of how DCA’s goals interlink with the 17 SDGs, targets and 169 indicators. Moreover, the SDG’s are interconnected and as is clear from the illustration below, each focus area entails working with several SDGs simultaneously.

The following illustration shows how DCA’s thematic programmes interlink with selected SDGs.

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