Just as partnership is a fundamental principle of DCA, international funding is essential for our work.

DCA has experienced an increase in funding from a multitude of major international donors, the European Union (DEVCO and ECHO) and DANIDA over the last many years.

In fact, in 2019 51% of our total turnover derived from international donors, including amongst others, grants from the EU, our sister agencies from ACT Alliance, the U.S. Government, various UN agencies, international foundations and other INGOs.

The funding is vital for our country programmes to respond to the growing global need for development and humanitarian assistance, and without the financial support from our donors, DCA would not be able to achieve our three strategic goals of saving lives, building resilient communities, and fighting extreme inequality.

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ACT Alliance

Who are the largest donors to DanChurchAid?


More than one third of DanChurchAid’s global turnover comes from international donors.

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anChurchAid assists the world’s poorest to lead a life in dignity. 

Partnership is a founding principle of DCA – not just a way of working.