Private Sector Partnerships

DanChurchAid (DCA) sees great potential in collaborating with companies, which are interested in including the most vulnerable groups in their business models. By combining DCA’s elaborate insights on local conditions and expertise in ensuring long-term development with corporations technical skills and business understanding on innovation, we can develop concrete measures of sustainable development, which benefits the most vulnerable as well as the companies interests. By working in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles for business and human rights and applying the Sustainable Development Goals as a strategic tool, we define concrete objectives for furthering lasting implementations and collaborations, which promote a life in dignity for all.  

DCAs cornerstones of expertise 

1. Expert knowledge of low-income markets and local communities

  • Years of local presence have not only improved livelihoods but also developed a distinct understanding of the cultural context, local needs and demands as well as established a strong level of trust. DCAs work with national and local authorities thus provides a solid foundation of networks and local insights, which enhances opportunities for long-term sustainable development.

2. Innovation and product development

  • DCA has established a distinct expertise in adapting and developing new solutions by combining low-tech development assistance with new innovative solutions. By analysing existing methods coupled with the demand to generate lasting impacts, DCA applies a proactive ‘bottom up’ approach towards identifying means to minimise risks and develop business models to reach new prospective customer segments.

3. Introducing and testing new technology

  • DCA’s solid reputation and local partners foster the opportunities to gain local access and test implementations and technological advancements. By engaging and consulting stakeholders on a continuous basis, DCA has the opportunity to introduce added insights from potential customers and decision makers.

4. Expert knowledge of securing funding

  • As one of Denmark’s largest and most renowned NGOs, DCA holds a strong brand value. Years of professional handling of donor requirements, grant management, monitoring and reporting has secured a solid network amongst institutional and private donors.

5. Responsible business and sustainability as integrated value creating activities in the business case

  • DCA’s approach is built upon combining the principles of ‘doing no harm’ and ‘doing good’ vis á vis enhancing business accountability in corporate social responsibility (CSR). By adhering to standards such as the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights, DCA seeks to advance and create added value by integrating responsible business principles into the business models. This by advising on approaches, mapping and opportunities of consulting local communities and stakeholders in human rights, due diligence processes and in identification of SDG linkages i.e. positive and negative development impacts.

Examples of our work

Inclusive business project
With support from the Danish government, DanChurchAid has been selected to develop an inclusive business project, which will boost local production of organic fruit and vegetables in Uganda. 

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