Complaints Handling System

DanChurchAid (DCA) wants to improve the quality of our work. Therefore, we are open to all complaints about our work in the countries where we operate and in Denmark.

We do, however, encourage that comments and complaints about our work are raised and discussed with responsible DCA staff and managers as close to the activity as possible.

The Complaints Handling System presented here is viewed as the final resort.

What kind of complaints?

We have set up a system for handling complaints that are within the scope of DCA i.e.:

  • Our work in Denmark
  • Implementation of projects, DCA supports or implements
  • Behaviour of DCA staff or staff supported by DCA donations
  • If the complaint is not within the scope of DCA, the complainant will be informed about this situation.
Submit a complaint

By submitting a complaint, you accept DCA´s Complaint Handling System by which the complaint will be processed.

Submit a complaint

Issues not covered

All internal employment conditions like salary level, performance evaluations, working area etc. will not be handled within this system but are referred to the internal staff complaint system.

Operational and sensitive complaints

The system is designed to handle both operational complaints and sensitive complaints. The system ensures that all information about sensitive complaints is handled confidentially.

A sensitive complaint is typically a complaint about corruption, sexual exploitation or another gross violation of our staff rules.

Please note that we do not accept anonymous complaints. However, we will accept an anonymous complaint through a DCA employee who knows the identity of the complainant. In that way we have a better possibility to seek and pass on information to the parties involved in order to investigate a case.

DCA guarantees that no complainant will be met by retaliation from DCA for filing a complaint.

False accusations

However, a staff member, who purposely makes false accusations about another staff member, will be subject to disciplinary action (warning/dismissal).

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By submitting a complaint, you accept DCA´s Complaint Handling System by which the complaint will be processed, please see the description below.