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How to file a complaint

We encourage anyone who encounters corruption, or have substantial suspicion about corruption directly or indirectly involving DanChurchAid, to report it through our complaints mechanism. All DCA staff are obligated to report real or suspected incidences of corruption.

Only three employees from the Human Resource Unit in Copenhagen have acces to this e-mail. On basis of the complaint, it will be considered if an investigation committee will be established and an investigation will take place.

The complaint will be handled in full confidentiality and with great respect to the complainant and the persons/organizations involved.

DanChurchAid does not accept anonymous complaints.

In case of doubt or uncertainties, we encourage both staff, partners and stakeholders to seek advice with our anti-corruption adviser at Headquarter or with our regional anti-corruption focal points. A list of regional focal points can be acquired from the anti-corruption advisor.

What we do

Typically, we discover corruption through:

  1. Our procedures, control mechanisms, evaluations and revision
  2. A tip from staff, partners or sister organisations

The methods often used to reveal corruption include:

  1. Programme- and project evaluations
  2. Monitoring visits and reports
  3. Financial reporting and project audit

Clear practice if suspicion arises

When there is a well-founded suspicion of corruption, we have a clear practice:

  • The relevant donor (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU, Danish/foreign partners or others) is immediately informed about the suspicion (normally within 48 hours);
  • An investigation is initiated and in most cases an audit is conducted;
  • Steps are taken to make guidelines and procedures to stop and prevent future corruption.

Further steps

If the investigation confirms the suspicion, we take further steps:

  • If it is a DanChurchAid employee, disciplinary steps are taken and the employee is requested to return the amount in question (if the theft of money is part of incident);
  • If it is a partner organisation, the partner is requested to take the necessary steps to stop, reveal and improve the conditions that led to corruption. The partner is requested to return the amount in question; 
  • Corruption is reported to the police unless special conditions speak against it (security, health/life, weighing of the effectiveness of the judicial system, court costs); 
  • The relevant donor (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU or others) will receive a complete account of the extent, course and steps taken – in addition we inform relevant sister organisations;
  • The case is published. Exemption can be made if publication is in conflict with our non-disclosure policy describing the special situations when DanChurchAid does not want to publish concrete information, e.g. due to the security of our staff or partners.
Submit a complaint

By submitting a complaint, you accept DCA´s Complaint Handling System by which the complaint will be processed.

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