Safer Communities in South Sudan, Mali, Libya and Lebanon

The overall objective of the action was threefold: To enhance security and stability and reduce risk of death and injury to individuals and communities; to improve livelihoods, socioeconomic reconstruction and access to resources; and to promote sustainable capacity improvements at national and local level.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Lebanon

01.09.2016 – 31.08.2020

Total amount
EUR 3,999,986

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Project Description
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands provided DCA with EUR 3,999,986 to create safer communities in Lebanon. These funds are part of a multi-country grant supporting DCA’s activities in Lebanon, Libya, Mali and South Sudan. The activities for this project in Lebanon were divided into three areas: 

  1. Clearance: Clearing landmines, cluster munitions and other unexploded ordnances from armed conflicts. 
  1. Risk Education: Informing the local population about the dangers of explosive remnants of war and promoting safe behaviour in a contaminated environment. 
  1. Victim assistance: Psychosocial support for victims of war and conflict are provided to assist their recovery and rehabilitation. 


DCA is grateful for its collaboration with:

LAMiNDA  - Lebanese Association for Mine and Natural Disaster Action

The University of Balamand