With support from Danes as well as a number of Danish businesses, DanChurchAid is raising money this year for the people who are most severely affected by climate change.

We are in the midst of a climate revival.

Danes have seriously taken note of the consequences of climate change and a great many have already adopted new habits and cut down on air travel and beef.

On Sunday the 10th of March thousands of Danes will give their planet a helping hand when they collect money for DanChurchAid’s annual parish collection.

Even though the average Dane produces more CO2 than a person from Malawi or Ethiopia, it is the latter who pays the price in the form of floods, drought and other natural disasters.

We feel it in DanChurchAid. Climate change is more demanding – not just in our own awareness but also in our work in the world’s poorest countries.

This is where we see the consequences in their most concrete shape when farmers can no longer cultivate their land or when a family cannot cross a flooded gulley to fetch water. This is why we collect money for the people who are hit the hardest by climate change.

We are heading toward a climate disaster. Climate change already means that poor people have to leave their homes and many countries will be trapped in poverty if we don’t take climate change seriously,” says Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen, General Secretary of DanChurchAid.

In the world’s poorest countries people are far more vulnerable to climate-related disasters than we are in Denmark. Many lack dikes and dams to tame floods. Many lack systems that can warn people in time when a catastrophe threatens. And there is a lack of food and clean drinking water during the long droughts.

Already today, millions of people are threatened by drought and floods, and the World Bank fears that climate change will force 140 million people to leave their homes before 2050. This can lead to a global refugee crisis without precedent.

It is a grim scenario. But there is fortunately also good news: we know what has to be done.

DanChurchAid is already in full swing, equipping the world’s poorest countries to face a changing climate. Among other things, this is what we do:

• Building dikes and dams which can stop floods
• Securing buildings and create solid infrastructure that doesn’t collapse in an earthquake
• Introducing systems and apps that can warn the populations before an impending storm
• Setting up water pumps and water purification equipment that ensures clean drinking water
• Introducing quinoa and other crops that can withstand drought so people in rural areas can have something to eat when the rains fail

Adaptation measures to climate like these is what we collect money for on March 10th. We do it for the world’s poorest, but we do it also for our own sake. Climate change is after all the whole world’s problem and in the long run we will all feel the consequences of global warming on our own bodies.

That is why we encourage all Danes to take a walk for the climate on Sunday the 10th of March. For their own sake. For our planet. For the world’s poorest. For our children.

For the world’s sake.

You can sign up as a collector here

Cooperation with climate concerned businesses

A number of climate concerned businesses have already chosen to support the collection by donating prizes for a climate quiz that will be developed in relation to the country collection.

Participants in the quiz can, among other things, win a weekend stay at Guldsmeden Hotels, three months’ vegetarian meal boxes from Aarstiderne, a smart bicycle from Baisikeli and gift cards from Too Good to Go or LushButik.

In Danish: Bred opbakning til Folkekirkens Nødhjælps landsindsamling!