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A HOPE sponsorship is a brand-new way to support impoverished and marginalised children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

In the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, thousands of children don’t have the building blocks of a happy childhood. Many suffer from stunting because of malnutrition. Many don’t go to school. Many live on the streets.

As a HOPE sponsor, you can help these children build a better future for themselves.

We’ve developed the HOPE sponsorship in close cooperation with our local partner Friends. They have years of experience working with street children and impoverished children in a holistic social reintegration program focusing on education and preventive action.

Friends seek out street children directly and offer them shelter at their drop-in centres. Here, children and youth can participate in fun learning activities or receive important life-skills training. Friends also run a drug rehabilitation program as well as an educational program, offering basic, individualised education for marginalised children as well as vocational training for youth wanting to become a cook, a mechanic, a hairdresser, etc.

They also work with poor families, offering medical, social and financial support in order to prevent more children from ending up on the streets or dropping out of school.

A HOPE sponsorship goes towards funding this program. The money can for instance be used to buy emergency food for a hungry family, school books or uniforms for a young child or a new vendor cart for a mother trying to provide for her family.

A HOPE sponsor will regularly receive small stories from three families who are being supported through the program. This gives the donor an opportunity to witness the progress that he or she is creating. A HOPE sponsor does not just support these three families but the entire reintegration program. This is important, because often the children’s neighbours, friends and schoolmates are no better off and just as much in need of help.

The objective is for the families to be able to provide for themselves without help from our partner. For most families, this happens within three years.

Therefore, we ask you to continue your HOPE sponsorship for at least three years. This way, you will hopefully experience that at one of the families you’ve supported become independent of financial help and thus exit the program and move on. If – or when – this happens, we will introduce another family who also need your help.

In Danish: Håb for børn: Hjælp fattige og udsatte børn i Cambodja