© Ishwar Rauniyar
In Nepal a project supporting earthquake victims rebuilding their lives has seen an overwhelming response from the people. The project also received huge contributions from the communities, leading to the sustainability of the project.
After 4-years of hard work in a highly difficult minefield, the DCA team in Lebanon has now successfully completed the clearance around the village Ain Al Saideh.
© Ishwar Rauniyar
The 2015 April earthquake provided opportunities for women to lead the post-earthquake reconstruction works and taught lessons to many masons working in traditional styles. This will help build better Nepal and prepare for another mega disaster.
© Ishwar Rauniyar
Distribution of 1050 improved cooking stoves to earthquake survivors in Lamjung, Dhading and Makawanpur districts in central and western Nepal has improved peoples’ lives in multiple ways.
"I didn't know that in the event that my husband dies, I have the right to go my own way and not be inherited like a piece of furniture," Mulima Akapelwa
© Thomas White
Background: DanChurchAid (DCA) has been working remotely through local partners in both Sudan and South Sudan since the 1980’s providing humanitarian relief and established an office in Juba in 2007 after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the government in Khartoum.
© Søren Ingvard Nielsen
DanChurchAid is these days at the receiving end of criticism for two matters linked to the Israel-Palestine conflict. It will soon be 50 years since the Six-Day War took place and territories became occupied. That is why we are co-organizers of two debates.
© Nils Carstensen
'Letting go in Palestine' is a short visual story from L2GP exploring early lessons with locally-led resilience, protection and community crash grants in Palestine.
Just now four relief workers from DanChurchAid have been flown out of Turkey, where they have been detained for two months. The four are all Syrian citizens and have been working for DanChurchAid to help their compatriots in war-torn Syria, when they were apprehended by the Turkish authorities.
© DCA Nepal
The construction of toilets with proper bathing facilities has brought happiness to the faces of hundreds of earthquake survivors in the remote areas of Dhading, Makawanpur and Lamjung districts.