DanChurchAid has now almost completed the most comprehensive course in anti-corruption in the history of the organisation. It is a course that has included all staff, both abroad and at home.
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A new study shows that Danish pension funds will invest more than 760 million DKK in African agriculture. But in the race for Africa’s land the investors risk stealing the basis of their existence from the poor. Much greater transparency and compliance with UN standards is needed, the three Danish development organisations say.
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The organisation World Without Mines (WWM) has granted 49,300 USD to facilitate DCA’s emergency Risk Education operations in South Sudan, that seeks to inform and educate the internally displaced people in the areas around the Northern border about the threats of the Explosive Remnants of War.
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DCA’s support of Village Savings and Loans Associations in Kapoeta, South Sudan, empowers women to start businesses and generate income for themselves and their families
On the warmest day so far in 2015, the Danish people showed their generous side.
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Although the Cambodian Constitution guarantees access to information, this right is continuously being violated. DanChurchAid is working through partners to enhance both supply and demand on information in Cambodia.
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Judges from Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Per Walsöe fromDenmark, came together in the Inter-American Human Rights Court in support of four Honduran judges who were dismissed after defending the constitution and democracy after the coup d’etat in 2009.
The Japanese Embassy in Lebanon donates nearly $90,000 for DanChurchAid to acquire demining equipment
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DanChurchAid focuses its work resulting in an increase of 2 mio. euro to fight food insecurity, promote active citizenship and respond to humanitarian crisis
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The access to Angola’s remote Alto Zambezi municipality has significantly improved after DCA has ensured that the Caianda Airfield does not contain any landmines