Many people have lost everything in the devastating earthquake and shops are closed. People need food, clean water and shelter - but women have special needs on top of all the other needs.
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In Nepal, it is a race against the clock to secure food, water and shelter for the victims of the recent earthquake before the monsoon sets in. The Poul Due Jensen Foundation has granted 1M DKK to help secure safe water in the most affected areas.
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Erik Johnson, Head of Humanitarian Response in DanChurchAid, has travelled to Nepal to participate in the coordination of the international relief intervention. This is his first personal narrative.
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DanChurchAid is about to bring food and water to a number of villages in the Kathmandu Valley. At the same time DanChurchAid is in charge of one of the capital's 16 camps for displaced people.
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Hope for finding survivors in the ruins after the devastating Earthquake in Nepal is fading. Heavy rains and landslides create new challenges for the rescue workers.
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Christian Wolff, DanChurchAid employee, sent the first longer report to DanChurchAid Headquarters after the massive earthquake. This is what he wrote:
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DanChurchAid has sent three humanitarian response experts to Nepal to assist the local office and partners in the planning of the relief work as fast as possible.
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40 years after Khmer Rouge took power in Cambodia the repercussions are still felt. Programme Officers Cheoung Yowoth tells how it affects his daily work at DanChurchAid.
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By failing to keep it's promises of reconstruction and lifting the blockade the international community becomes complicit in the suffering of people in Gaza, says 46 aid agencies in a new report.
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DanChurchAid contributed to the official Landmine Awareness Day commemorative event in South Sudan