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For the past six years, DCA Ethiopia has implemented integrated food security programmes in five parts of the mountainous Bale district in collaboration with its local partner Agri Service.
Monsoon rains started in late July but have already created chaos in different parts of Pakistan. DCA has pledged half a million DKK
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Many Nepalis are still living in tents three months after a massive earthquake hit the country. DanChurchAid distributes cash so that the affected can buy building materials for shelters
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DanChurchAid has invested in an innovative program using digital audio players to disseminate messages of peace and promote harmony between and among cattle-keeping communities across South Sudan
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Hopes were high when the people of South Sudan voted for independence from Sudan with an overwhelming majority on July 9th 2011. Now, internal conflict threatens to turn the world's youngest country into its newest failed state.
20 years after Uganda signed the convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights a UN committee conducted the first review ever. Local NGO’s took the opportunity to raise the voices of Uganda rights holders
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Kong Srey Nouch has learned to sew and works hard every day to be able to send her children to school. She wants them to get new skills and thereby a chance of a better life, as she did.
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Hamda Hanani was the first women in her village to claim her inheritance right
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WFP’s Logistics Help offers free shipping, storing and transport of emergency relief to the Nepali government and the many NGOs.
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With responsibility for four orphans and her old mother-in-law, Oeuk Eang has a dire need of a home-based job. Being able to earn her living from home enables her to provide for her family.