Adanech Eriso is the mother of four children and recently she became the owner of four goats through DanChurchAid’s goat husbandry project. She has decided that each goat should provide for each child’s school fee.
Since Awinie Sufie’s husband died five years ago, she has struggled to keep her family together. However, after receiving four goats from the DanChurchAid goat husbandry project, she hopes her life will become a little more tolerable.
A group of 100 marginalized women have this summer been selected to participate in a goat husbandry project in order to ensure sustainable livelihoods. They are all from an area of Ethiopia that has struggled with drought for the last six years.
Heavy torrential rains in Ethiopia have caused severe flooding in the Amhara and Gambella Regional States affecting more than 60,000 people and destroying farmland, roads and homes. The intensity of the rainfall and the magnitude of the floods is reported to be worse than the 2006 rainy season in which approximately 98,000 people were affected in the various areas of the region.
One of the poorest parts of Ethiopia got an extraordinary visit in mid June. The Danish Minister of Development, Ulla Tørnæs, visited the DanChurchAid agriculture component of the Ethio-Danish Joint programme in North Wollo.
Not every year can tell good news about the harvest in Ethiopia. But after last year’s drought which affected millions of people, and huge floods affecting another hundreds of thousands, the Ethiopian government announces that a good harvest is expected in 2007.
On Thursday, March 15, DanChurchAid and 20 of its local partners paid a notable visit to the Ethiopian Parliament. The group saw the parliament in session in the morning and in the afternoon the group met with chairpersons of three Standing Committees. This is the first time in a long while that the civil society and members of Parliament engage in a dialogue and the meeting was mentioned in the evening news on th...
A study carried out by the Poverty Action Network Ethiopia, PANE, shows that food aid is important for the most vulnerable groups but the study also uncovers major problems of dependency.
DanChurchAid and 20 other Danish NGOs call on the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Per Stig Møller to place conflicts, which are based on trade with natural resources such as coltan used in mobile phones, on the agenda of the Security Council.
In DR Congo women are being sexually assaulted on a regular basis. Nobody knows the extent of the assaults, but word has it, that it is tens of thousands. Margaret is one of the women, who has survived.