The widening of civic and political space in Malawi is a matter of raising awareness of the notion of rights at all levels. DanChurchAid's programme work in Malawi is addressing issues that deter the most vulnerable from being involved in the decision-making processes that affect them.
DanChurchAid's food security work in Malawi focuses on the right to adequate and nutritious food and adresses the structural barriers to food security in Malawi.
In Malawi these days, the story is about water - too little or too much of it - and the struggle with the effects of these two extremes.
Flash floods in southern Malawi have displaced more than 40,000 people and killed one person when his car was washed away by the rising waters. DanChurchAid's partners in Malawi have already started the relief work.
DanChurchAid has received a grant of 118,000 EUR from the European Commission’s Non State Actors Capacity Building Programme in Malawi
Economic empowerment of a Malawian woman can empower her to hold greater decision-making power in the household, secure food for her family all year around, improve the nutrition intake in her family, pay her 6 children’s school fees, equip her to expand her small-scale maize business – and even allow her to put aside small savings for health-related emergencies or a year of bad harvest.
The general elections in Malawi has brought women from both urban and rural areas into decicion making, writes Lugede Chiphwafu Chiumya, Programme Officer at the DanChurchAid Malawi office.
The majority of Malawi’s children are either malnourished or undernourished, some of them so badly, that they don’t live through their early years. The parents of the children most often are too poor to prevent it.
Thousands of children are living on the streets of Malawi. There they are trying to find the food, their parents cannot give them due to drought, floods and poor harvest.
By the shore of Lake Malawi women offer their bodies as payment for freshly caught fish, since they have no money. The nightly activities spread HIV and produces fatherless children. SWAM project helps the women take better care of them selves.