UTHAN- Enhanced Action for Inclusive CSOs for Participation in Climate Resilient Economic Growth

Enabling environment and promoting participation of Civil Society Organisations for climate resilient agriculture technologies

DanChurchAid in Nepal

The project seeks to enhance the capacity, create enabling environment and promote participation of Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) for climate resilient agriculture (CRA) technologies and practices in selected Palikas of Kanchanpur and Dailekh Districts of Nepal.

There are three major result areas targeted by the project: enhanced capacity of CSOs, promotion of CRA technologies and supporting the establishment of enabling environment for the promotion of CRA. Approximately 8,000 farming communities and 80 CSOs are targeted by this project.

The major activities being implemented include (i) strengthening the technical capacity of CSOs on risk-sensitive planning and climate change adaptation/mitigation such as digitised vulnerability and capacity analysis, e-learning and egovernance modules, capacitate women and youth on green enterprise development by introducing climate resilient faming technologies, promote partnership with financial institutions/private sector for green enterprise development and capacitate the Local Governments (LGs) for risk-based planning particularly on the use of the ICT-based technologies and weather-based advisories, among others.

About the project

Period: 1st January 2020 – 31st December 2022 

Budget: 1,066,667 EUR 

Donor: European Union

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