Active citizenship

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A film about developing democracy in Bangladesh.

It gives strength to speak with one voice when we want to influence the democratic decision processes. Unity develops a sense of community and a belief that together we can make good results.

We work to strengthen democracy

Women who are systematically raped in Congo. Maya Indian families in Guatemala whose water supply is destroyed by contamination. People without caste (Dalits) in India who are excluded from certain jobs. They are all among the poorest or most marginalized in their societies, and their fundamental rights as human beings are being massively violated.


Working with active citizenship comes with numerous challenges:

  • dotViolence and outrages against women
  • dotLack of political influence 
  • dotLack of fair trials
  • dotLack of knowledge about rights 
  • dotCorruption
  • dotRestrictive laws on NGOs – often violating the freedom of speech

What we do

DanChurchAid’s work with active citizenship is about reinforcing the foundations of democracy. We focus on democratic values, strengthening civil society, ensuring human rights and influence.
We work, specifically, with the following:

  • dotHelping battered women
  • dotCreating equal rights for everyone to a fair trial and conflict handling
  • dotGiving influence to discriminated groups, especially women, in political processes
  • dotEducating on democracy and rights
  • dotStrengthening civil society