In Cambodia, DCA works with partners and the private sector by introducing innovative solutions to improve food security and disaster preparedness and response, with a strong focus on climate change adaptation.


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USD 3,4 million (EUR 7,7 million) (2020)

People in need reached
More than 288,000 people (2019)

Experience in Cambodia
DCA has been operational in Cambodia since 1979

DCA in Cambodia

DCA has been supporting the Cambodian people since 1979, initially providing humanitarian response in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge period and eventually shifting to development initiatives to help rebuild and revive the country and its most vulnerable citizens.

DCA is constantly finding new ways to work in the context of Cambodia’s rapid development. DCA has 5 partner agreements as of 2019 and work together with 18 local NGOs to take on some of the country’s most pressing challenges. We find innovative ways to respond to humanitarian disasters and to support and empower people to achieve food security. Interventions and innovations equip communities with cutting-edge technology tools to give farmers the tools they need to adapt their agricultural practices to climatic changes such as drought and floods. We work alongside communities, and especially women and youth, to remove barriers to empowerment.

Moving forward, DCA will continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of the Cambodian people, working with vulnerable groups, local organizations, government and businesses to ensure all citizens have the opportunity to live a life in dignity.

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DCA in Cambodia

Activities in Cambodia

Saving Lives

Saving Lives

In recent years, Cambodia has experienced devastating floods interspersed with severe drought, leaving thousands of families in a struggle for food. Cambodia is ranked among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, and its effects are increasingly felt by the nation’s poorest families, who are usually the most at risk when disaster strikes as they often live in areas that are particularly prone to flood and drought, and they have the least capacity to cope with the effects of natural disasters.

DCA focuses on both drought and flood response in Cambodia. We cooperate with local governments to increase communities’ resilience to climate change and to improve their preparedness for disasters. As prolonged dry seasons increase in frequency and severity, DCA Cambodia is becoming a leader in the area of drought monitoring and response. 

DCA has the capacity to respond to both sudden and long onset humanitarian disasters quickly and efficiently, using the latest in cash based technologies and methodologies. 

Fighting Inequality

Fighting Inequality

Since its emergence from decades of genocide and civil war more than 20 years ago, Cambodia has had to rebuild on principles of democracy, good governance and respect for civil, social and political rights.

DCA works with local partners to empower communities, protect human rights and promote a robust civil society and an accountable government. We advance the use of innovative technology in supporting partners and communities, propel the fight for gender equality and the fair treatment of all. 

Building Resilient Communities

Building Resilient Communities

DCA works to empower the most vulnerable Cambodians to receive improved public services and transparent and sustainable management of natural resources.

We promote sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers and low-income families, helping them to improve, diversify and increase their agricultural production and income generation through innovative drought-resistant farming techniques. We utilize agricultural cooperatives to open up markets to farmers and home gardeners, equipping them with the skills to move up the value chain, and we partner with responsible businesses to promote innovation and best practices in sustainable development.

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Video: Linking Farmers to Markets
DCA has helped smallholder farmers form cooperatives and build business relations with markets.

Danmarks indsamling
DCA is working close together with the private sector to support small scale business in Cambodia

Where we work in Cambodia

Where we work in Cambodia

Local Partners in Cambodia

In Cambodia and globally, DanChurchAid prides itself on its partner-based approach, whereby we work with and provide assistance to local organizations. DCA believes that civil society organizations can help transform the needs and rights of poor and marginalized groups. We see our role as assisting these organizations to continue to be - or to become - strong, vibrant, professional, accountable and transparent organizations that genuinely represent rights holders. In Cambodia DCA has 14 local partners. 

Donors in Cambodia

Rice is number 1 crop in Cambodia and is in every aspect of Cambodian culture. 
ញ៉ាំបាយ។ is the Cambodian term for the verb “to eat” literally translating into “eating rice”.

DCA uses modern techniques and tools to improve lives in rural communities (here a farmer checking the agricultural app for information about different crops and weather and precipitation forecast).

DCA helps local communities to deal with crises by offering livelihood training and financial support through cash grants.

DCA helps rural communities to improve their agricultural production efficiency, diversity and safety of by training them in improved production techniques.  

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Well-functioning agricultural cooperatives are key to secure farmers and improved livelihood. 

Raising livestock is for many vulnerable Cambodians a way out of social and economic poverty.

DCA supports building resilience so they are better prepared when floods or droughts hit.

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Rice farmer. Rice is number 1 crop in Cambodia and is in every aspect of Cambodian culture.
ញ៉ាំបាយ។ is the Cambodian term for the verb “to eat” literally translating into “eating rice”.

DCA works to empower local communities and build capacity of local government when it comes to combatting the negative effects of climate change. 

DCA responds with Humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes and constantly raise awareness to help local communities to be prepared and better react in order to minimize losses by conducting emergency response drills. 

DCA responds with humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes. 

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Our global goals

Save lives
Our goal is to protect and save lives 

Build resilient communities
Our goal is to ensure sustainable development

Fight extreme inequality
Our goal is to fight political, social and environmental and economic inequality