We work to clear minefields and areas contaminated by cluster munitions, as well as empowering young people, providing education and child protection services.

Country Director
Matthew Benson
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DanChurchAid Lebanon
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P. O. Box 139 Near Bakry Centre Al Housh, Tyre, South Lebanon

EUR 2,408.242 in 2019

People in need reached
In 2019, more that 96.000 people was supported by DCA activities

Experience in Lebanon 
DCA has been operational since 2007

DCA in Lebanon

DCA’s programme in Lebanon contributes to the complete clearance of contaminated land for socio-economic development, in accordance with Lebanon’s Mine Action Strategy. We clear cluster munitions, landmines and unexploded ordinance in priority areas to increase safe access to land.

In line with the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan, DCA provides youth opportunities, education, protection and immediate assistance for people in Lebanon. This includes psycho-social support to improve the well-being of refugee populations and enhance the ability of individuals to cope. DCA also works with young people to promote skills development ready for employment in the job market.

DCA works in Beirut, Beqaa, Mount Lebanon and Tyre. Our operations support DCA’s three international goals: Save Lives, Build Resilient Communities and Fight Extreme Inequity.

Description and Background

Lebanon has been scarred by decades of armed conflict, which have littered the country with landmines, cluster munitions and other unexploded ordnance. The most recent serious contamination occurred during the 2006 Israeli hostilities against Lebanon, where a variety of munitions were used during the 34-day war. The minefields along the Lebanese-Israeli border stretch for more than 118km and contain as many as 400,000 anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines.

Despite progress over many years, cluster munitions, landmines and other unexploded ordinance remain a grave concern in Lebanon. The presence of these weapons hampers socio-economic development and poses live-threatening risks to people living in areas blighted by them. The war in neighbouring Syria has increased the need for productive land, as the country’s population increased with the influx of 1.5 million refugees. This placed an even greater strain on land needs, natural resources and basic goods and services.

At the end of 2018, the Lebanon Mine Action Centre reported that over 46 million m² of land remain to be cleared, of which 22% is suspected to be contaminated by cluster munitions, 36% by landmines and 33% other suspected hazardous items.

Since October 2019, protests against the government and corruption have taken place. While largely peaceful, at times violence has erupted. The Coronavirus pandemic and the Beirut Blast on 4 August 2020 added to Lebanon’s woes and contributed to a sharp devaluation of the Lebanese currency, which has caused increased poverty and suffering of the population.

DCA’s work

DCA has been clearing cluster munition contaminated areas in south Lebanon since 2007 and manual mine clearance activities from 2010 in areas affected by the civil war.

DCA has developed partnerships with local organisations to provide education and protection services to Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and vulnerable Lebanese host communities. DCA is also working with local organisations to engage and empower young people, building their personal resilience and preparing them for employment.

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DCA in Lebanon

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It is essential that Lebanese humanitarian mine action organizations take responsibility for clearing their own land from explosive remnants of war.

DCA EU funded teams clearing contaminated land in Lebanon
Captain Robert Haj Moussa is a Community Liaison Officer at the Lebanese Mine Action Center (LMAC) accompanying a field trip to the Mount Lebanon village of Remhalla.

It takes courage to clear cluster bombs
Twelve deminers are working to free a Lebanese village from dangers of the past.

Where we work in Lebanon

Where we work in Lebanon

Partners in Lebanon

  • Association Najdeh
  • Al-Jana (Arab Centre for Popular Arts)
  • Fraternity Association for Social & Cultural Work
  • Norwegian Church Aid

Donors in Lebanon

The team searching the area using Larg Loup in wheat plantation

Team conducting casevac exercise

Searcher removing vegetation to aid clearance

Searcher conducting sub surface clearance using shonsted detector

Searcher conducting subsurface clearance using shonsted detector

Searcher conducting sub surface clearance using PIDD detector

Searcher conducting sub surface clearance using PIDD

Searcher conducting clearance close to a house using PIDD detector

Team conducting Medevac-exercise - South Lebanon. 

Team conducting Casevac-exercise - South Lebanon. 

Deminer conducting clearance using full excavation method - Mount-Lebanon. 

Searchers conducting Battle Area Clearance using Large Loop Detector / Inside orange plantation in South Lebanon.

Deminer investigating a signal /Mount Lebanon.

Controlled demolition of cluster munitions, conducted by the DCA team /inside banana plantation in South Lebanon.

Deminer using Vallon Metal Detector to detect landmines/inside pine tree plantation in Mount Lebanon.

Deminer conducting clearance using excavation method /Mount Lebanon.

Deminer using Vallon Metal Detector to detect landmines/Mount Lebanon.

Deminer using Vallon Metal Detector to detect landmines/Mount Lebanon.

Deminer using Vallon Metal Detector to detect landmines/Mount Lebanon.

Searcher cutting vegetation using grass shears /South Lebanon.

Searchers conducting Battle Area Clearance using Large Loop Detector / Inside lemon plantation in South Lebanon.

Our programmes

Humanitarian Assistance
We work to save lives when disaster strikes

Safer Communities
We work to build safer communities