UNHCR supports project in Sirte

UNHCR supports DCA project in Sirte, Libya

UNHCR has awarded DCA EUR 29,859 in support of efforts to provide NFIs (Non-food Items) for the restoration of sanitation and hygiene conditions in the Libyan city of Sirte.

During the 19-month long Islamic State occupation, which ended in December 2016, the hospitals and schools of Sirte had little opportunity to receive supplies for the maintenance of their sanitary and hygienic standards.

As a result, medical staff have had no access to protective equipment, sanitizers, disinfectants, clean hospital bedding or bins for the disposal of medical waste. With the grant from UNHCR, DCA will support the city’s hospitals/health clinics and schools by providing them with NFI kits containing sought-after sanitary materials. These kits will help keep medical staff, patients, school pupils and facilities clean, and contribute to the reduction of incidents of sickness caused by poor hygiene among children.

The project was initiated on the 1st of December 2017 and aims to assist 11 health clinics and 17 schools in restoring their sanitary and hygienic standards.

DCA Libya: DCA has worked in Libya since 2011 and has offices in Tripoli, Misrata, Sirte and Benghazi. DCA staff are currently engaged in supporting the Mayor and Municipality of Sirte, Ministry of Education, and vulnerable communities by providing mine risk education and clearance of the explosive remnants of war in the City.