Previous projects

Previous projects

© Mohammed Nour Eldin

ECHO has provided EUR 700,000, and the implementing partners EUR 40,649 in order to improve the access to clean potable water, sanitation and hygiene for 173,686 internally displaced people, who are affected by the conflicts in the West Darfur State, Sudan.

© Khin Mab

Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission and Christian Aid have provided EUR 44,871.68 for DanChurchAid's community resilience project in Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

This contribution has enabled DanChurchAid and Life With Dignity to construct water catchment and storage facilities, and thereby improve the access to water for people living under extreme weather conditions.


ECHO has provided EUR 1,000,000 for DanChurchAid and Church World Service in order to provide emergency assistance to flood-affected families in Pakistan.

This contribution has enabled DCA and CWS-P/A to meet urgent needs for shelter and health care for 49,000 people.


ECHO has provided EUR 1,000,000 for DanChurchAid and partners with the aim of protecting drought-affected communities' lives and livelihoods through the provision of food aid and livestock vet services.

© Søren Tuxen Faber

EuropeAid has provided EUR 1,017,000 for DanChurchAid in order to support food security through natural resource management. A project, which will benefit 150,937 people in South Sudan.

© C&D

ECHO has provided DanChurchAid and partners with EUR 1,049,483 to reinforce vulnerable communities' and local governments' drought management capacities in Kenya and Uganda.

© Mike Kollöffel

DIPECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 440,000 to reduce the risk and increase the resilience of vulnerable populations in rural and urban areas in Honduras. A project which will benefit 31,606 people.

© DanChurchAid

DanChurchAid's new project improves food security in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Nepal by strengthening the capacities of small, marginal farmer organisations.


ECHO has provided EUR 600,000 for DanChurchAid to improve the availability and accessibility of safe water and sanitation, and promote awareness on health and personal hygiene practices for conflict affected persons in Sudan.


ECHO has provided DCA and implementing partners with EUR 775,000 in order to alleviate the food gap and restore livelihoods of flood-affected poor and vulnerable households in Cambodia.

© Poul Kjar

ECHO’s disaster preparedness programme (DIPECHO) has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 1,050,000 to reduce local communities’ vulnerability to natural disasters by strengthening governance and local capacity.

© Pierre Jaccard

The Nordic Council of Ministers has provided DCA with DKK 1,450,000 in order to address the problem of large numbers of people finding themselves socially marginalized by Russia’s existing passport and registration system.

© Jørgen Thomsen

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 750,000 in order to provide services and support to Bangladeshis working abroad.


ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 290,000 in order to help cyclone affected families in Tamil Nadu, India. A project, which ensures safe housing and improves the livelihood and food security for 1300 vulnerable households.


Finn Church Aid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 102,000 in order to help 65 newly graduated university students, who are unable to get their certificates due to financial barriers, and unable to compete in the labor market due to the shortage of skills and lack of work experience.


ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 843,000 to support 20,000 Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia in fulfilling their basic needs.


Thanks to ECHO’s contribution of EUR 196,800 DanChurchAid and partner have improved the access to good sanitation and malaria prevention for 19,044 flood-affected people in Southern Malawi.


FAHU has provided EUR 80,537 to DanChurchAid and partners in order to strengthen 2,000 poor Malawian households to mobilize savings and increase their disposable income through Village Savings and Loans (VS&L).


The Rockwool Foundation has provided EUR 204,000 to DanChurchAid in order to empower and strengthen poor and vulnerable families to mobilise savings and access credits to reduce their poverty.

© Simon Skårhøj

ECHO has provided EUR 535.500 to DanChurchAid and Church World Service-Asia/Pacific (CWS-A/P) to ensure continuous, secure and coordinated humanitarian aid delivery to disaster and conflict affected communities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


ECHO has provided EUR 335,000 to DanChurchAid in order to improve food security of 10,000 households in Nsanje and Chikhwawa districts through crop diversification and improved post-harvest handling.


EuropeAid has provided EUR 4,593,335 to DanChurchAid and 15 implementing partners in order to reduce conflicts and promote peace and stability in Kyrgyzstan.


ECHO has provided EUR 400,000 for DanChurchAid to provide relief assistance to 1,665 vulnerable flood-affected families in Assam.

© Louise Sellau

ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 1,220,000 to increase the Area C population’s access to water, resources, and services necessary for sustaining communities and preventing forced population transfer.

© Louise Sellau

Caritas Canada Development and Peace has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 63,995 to improve the nutritional health and food security status among vulnerable households in Shija’ia, Gaza Strip.


ECHO has provided Muslim Aid, in a partnership with Danchurch Aid and Christian Aid, with EUR 1.000.000 to improve the livelihood condition of the most vulnerable flood affected families in the North West of Bangladesh.


UNDEF has provided DanChurchAid with 154.452 EUR to improve citizens’ access to public information in order to achieve social accountability and transparency in Cambodia.


ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 500,000 to contribute to the endeavor to assist Sudanese refugees and the host community in Ethiopia.


FCO has provided GBP 438.502 (EUR 514.714) to support the second phase of a project  working to promote an inclusive political process, participation and human rights in Libya.

© Mike Kollöffel

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 200.000 to prevent and mitigate the violation of human rights of 1.2 million inhabitants in the northwestern part of Honduras.

© Mikkel Østergaard

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 439,460 to alleviate rural poverty in Cambodia by securing access to land and by improving the quality of life for 8,500 vulnerable people.

© Jonas Leegaard

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 399,750 in order to strengthen civil society in Myanmar through training and capacity building of young people and members of local community based organisations.

© Kristine Vadskær, DCA

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 1,000,000 to improve the disaster risk reduction capacity of the rural poor communities and local authorities in order to alleviate poverty in the North West of Bangladesh.

© Lisbeth Engbo

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 285,000 to empower Cambodian female leaders to bring social services to Cambodia’s most vulnerable groups and to advocate for their rights.

© Thomas Lekfeldt

The World Diabetes Foundation has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 250,000 to prevent diabetes and to improve the quality of life of diabetics in Kyrgyzstan.

© Klaus Holsting

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 712,500 to empower vulnerable and marginalized rural communities, both economically and socially, in Zambia's Southern Province.

© Matilde Sonali Holck

ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 620,000 to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable communities in the marginalized areas of Bethlehem by increasing the access to safe drinking water and hygiene. 


Caritas Switzerland, Development and Peace, and Finn Church Aid, have provided DanChurchAid with EUR 343,000, EUR 38,000, and EUR 65,000 to help Gaza children recover psychologically and emotionally from war related traumas.


ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 950,000.50 to meet immediate food, WASH and livelihood restoration needs of extremely poor and vulnerable households in nine flood-affected provinces in Cambodia.


ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 750,000 for an integrated humanitarian response to vulnerable flood-affected households in India. With this contribution DCA has been able to improve the access to food and safe drinking water to vulnerable families in Orissa and Assam.