Providing psychosocial support for children in Northern Gaza


War traumatised children forget about their anxiety and insecurity, when they are playing at the YEC community centers.

Project description

Fast facts

Total amount: EUR 446,000
Start date: 01.05.2011
Duration: 12-36 months
Beneficiaries: 7,000 children and 5,760-7,200 family members annually
Partner: Youth Empowerment Center Palestine

Main outcomes:

  • dotOpening of three YEC community centers in Northern Gaza.
  • dotAnnually, 7,000 children (6-12 year old, 50% girls) reached with psycho-social services.
  • dotSocial support networks consisting of the children's parents, friends, and teachers.
  • dotAnnually, 60 civil society leaders or community members trained on MHPSS.
  • dot288 awareness workshops on psychosocial topics.
  • dotAnnually, 2,700 children will benefit from remedial education.

Caritas Switzerland, Development and Peace, and Finn Church Aid have provided DanChurchAid with EUR 343,000, EUR 38,000 and EUR 65,000 in order to provide psychological and emotional recovery to 7,000 war traumatised Gaza children annually.

The children suffer from irrational fear, insecurity, rage, social withdrawal and low school performance, and need help to return to normal psychological and emotional development.

By opening three community centers in Northern Gaza, DanChurchAid and YEC will build awareness among the local population about subjects related to psychosocial health.

The nearby location of the community centers will facilitate access to Mental Health – Psycho-Social services, such as counselling, remedial education, social support, cultural activities, and therapeutic entertainment.

The project also aims at establishing social support networks consisting of the children's families, friends, teachers, etc. to facilitate the psychosocial rehabilitation. 

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