Gaza Emergency Response


Thanks to OCHA's kind contribution, DCA and its local partner Jabalia Rehabilitation Society (JRS) have been able to provide immediate food and hygiene assistance to vulnerable internally displaced people hosted in private and official shelters in Gaza. 

Project Description

Fast Facts

Total amount: 250,000 USD
Start date: 24.07.2014
Duration: 1 month
Beneficiaries: 20.300 people
Partner: Jabalia Rehabilitation Society (JRS).

Main outcomes:

  • dot3.500 displaced families (approx.20.300 individuals) that are hosted primarily in private shelters, and possibly in official shelters depending on needs, in Khan Younis, Rafah or other underserved districts have received basic lifesaving food and nutritional support for 5 days and can maintain a basic standard of hygiene.
  • dotDisplaced families have received one food package with a 5-day ration and one basic hygiene kit covering their basic hygiene needs for 10 days.

The Emergency Response Fund OCHA has provided DanChurchAid with USD 250,000 to provide lifesaving food and hygiene support to vulnerable populations displaced by the Israeli military’s “Operation Protective Edge” that have sought protection and shelter in schools and around the Gaza strip.

This short-term intervention aims to assist those internally displaced people that have not reached the official shelters, and particularly those living in marginalized areas difficult for aid agencies based in Gaza City to reach due to the security situation.

DCA and JRS will launch a basic and rapid procurement exercise in Gaza for the purchase of the food and hygiene items for 3.500 displaced families.

Among the targeted populations are the most vulnerable and displaced victims, including female-headed households and those with children showing signs of malnutrition as well as those children that have lost appetite due to trauma.

DCA’s partner in the project is Jabalia Rehabilitation Society (JRS).  


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