Human rights for East Jerusalemites living under occupation


By using new technology to map neighborhoods, organisations and events, the residents of East Jerusalem suffering from the occupation will be better equipped to jointly demand their human rights.

Project description

Fast facts

Total amount: EUR 1,132,060
Start date: June 14, 2011
Duration: 36 months
Partner: Grassroots Jerusalem

Main outcomes:

  • dotThe community center ‘Markaz AlKul’ is open for all East Jerusalem residents and human rights defenders.
  • dotCommunity needs in Jerusalem are mapped through GIS/GPS mapping by communities and presented on an open source map.
  • dotA network of CBO/CSO actors undertake informed, coordinated and necessary advocacy to meet the needs of their communities.
  • dotCommunity actors are empowered to effectively pressure duty-bearers to uphold international law and human rights.
  • dotRights-holders are aware of their inalienable legal and human rights as individuals and organisations.
  • dotHuman right defenders receive legal aid when arrested or harassed.

EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 950,000 to improve service delivery and respect for human rights and international humanitarian law in occupied East Jerusalem, where many Palestinians are exposed to poverty, violence, and violations of human rights.

Palestinian and Israeli residents pay the same taxes, but they do not receive the same level of services in terms of basic infrastructure, education and housing.

The ‘Markaz AlKul’ project, meaning ‘Center for All’, supports the communities of East Jerusalem in claiming their basic human rights towards international and national duty-bearers.

Markaz AlKul provides workplaces for CBOs and human right defenders, as well as a legal clinic, and a time-line for community members to tell their story.

Training sessions are held weekly, and communities are taught how to map their neighborhoods, organisations and events, so that communities can join forces in claiming their rights.

By changing the names of streets and squares back to the original, the residents can reclaim their own city and address human rights violations directly.

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The Palestinians living in East Jerusalem pay the same taxes as the Israeli citizens. However they are living under an Israeli discriminatory law which means that the Palestinians are not receiving the same level of services as Israeli citizens in terms of basic infrastructure, education and housing.
The 45 year long Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem has left the Palestinian communities of the city neglected and poor. Though paying the same taxes as Israeli citizens, Palestinian residents receive far from the same services. Increasing arrests, also of children, and house demolitions make life in East Jerusalem almost unbearable.