Immediate Food and Hygiene assistance to vulnerable internally dicplaced people in Gaza.


DCA and local partners have distributed much-needed food and hygiene kits to over 14,000 internally displaced people in Gaza, including families with persons with disabilities.

The picture shows a family receiving assistance in a Jabalia Rehabilitation Society distribution point (Gaza North).

Project Description

Fast Facts

Total amount: 160,000 USD
Start date: July 26, 2014
Duration: 1,5 months
Beneficiaries: 14.440 people
Partners: Jabalia Rehabilitation Society (JRS).

Main outcomes:

  • dotDistribution of food and hygiene kits to 1.800 displaced families (approx. 14.440 individuals) hosted primarily in government schools and private shelters.
  • dotFamilies have recieved one food package with a 5-day ration and one basic hygiene kit covering their basic hygiene needs for 10 days.
  • dotThe hygiene kits include specific items for persons with disabilities, which are of vital importance.

The Christian Blind Mission has provided DanChurchAid with USD 160,000 to provide lifesaving food and hygiene support to vulnerable populations, focusing on people with disabilities, that have sought protection and shelter in schools around the Gaza strip.

There are urgent and overwhelming humanitarian needs in Gaza arising from the Israeli ‘Operation Protective Edge” launched on 7th July.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of Internally Displaced People, DCA provides basic food packages and hygiene kits among the most vulnerable households that are displaced and significantly affected by the Israeli operation in Gaza.

DCA’s partner in the project is the Jabalia Rehabilitation Society (JRS).

Read more about the situation in Gaza in the latest UNOCHA Report.

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