Improving diabetes care in Gaza and diabetic eye and foot care in West Bank


In order to address the needs of the population a mobile unit has been set up as an outreach diabetes clinic. The mobile clinic will offer comprehensive diabetes care.





Project Description

Fast facts

Total amount: EUR 814,821
Start date: July 1, 2013
Duration: 36 months
Beneficiaries: 972.700 people
Partners: Augusta Victoria Hospital, PNA Ministry of Health, Union of Health Work Committees, Oyooni (My Eyes) Organization.

Main Outcomes:

• Increased knowledge and skills by Palestinians, including diabetics to adopt healthier lifestyles in the West Bank and Gaza.
• Health professionals trained in diabetes screening, management and prevention.
• Increased number of diabetics receiving general treatment, treatment related to gestational diabetes, eye and foot problems, and for nutritional counselling.
• Awareness raised on diabetes prevention and management.
• 600,000 people reached through awareness campaign.

The project is composed of two main parts:

1. Mobile clinic in the southern part of the WB to visit 100 location to provide comprehensive diabetes care and management.

2. Establish a Diabetes Care Model Clinic in Gaza with introducing the DCCM, introduction of a nutritionist/counselling/healthy lifestyle approaches and on job training for the health care providers through exchange visits.

The World Diabetes Foundation has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 350,000 to improve accessibility to the Diabetes Comprehensive Care Model (DCCM) in disadvantaged communities in the West Bank and Gaza.

The project builds on the experiences and outcomes gained in previous project collaborations between the World Diabetes Foundation, DanChurchAid and Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH). The Diabetes Comprehensive Care Model (DCCM) was established during these projects and has been a great succes.

The DCCM comes with new innovative approach where the patient plays a central and active role in the process of diabetes care and management. A team of trained professionals are scheduled to take care of all of the patients’ needs, including: Adoption of a healthier lifestyle, physical activity and exercise, nutrition, foot care, eye screening, individual and group counselling, standardized diabetes laboratory testing (HbA1c and Micro albuminuria – [MAU]); patient, family and community education regarding diabetes care and prevention of complications, home visits to patients, and a psychosocial component.

In order to address the needs of the population the project contributes to the promotion of a healthy life style through individual and group counselling for Diabetics/High Risk Groups. Furthermore the project provides Diabetes patients comprehensive care, management and screening for Diabetes related problems in coordination with partner community health clinics.

DCAs partners in the project are Augusta Victoria Hospital, PNA Ministry of Health, Union of Health Work Committees, Oyooni (My Eyes) Organization.

Read more about diabetes in the West Bank and Gaza at the World Diabetes Foundation's website

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