Improving the living conditions of vulnerable households and herders in the southern part of Hebron

Overlooking one of the target areas in southern Hebron during DCA's project implementation. All the target areas are inhabited by marginalized semi-nomadic Bedouin herders whose primary livelihood is mainly dependent on the agricultural sector especially livestock rearing and production of animal products, such as milk, cheese and meat as their main income generating activity.

Project Description

Fast Facts

Total amount: USD 250,000.00

Start date: 01/01/2015

Duration: 9 months

Beneficiaries: 143 households totaling 783 people

Partners: The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem


Main Outcomes:

  • dotImproving the livelihoods of the most vulnerable households and herders in Hebron.
  • dotEstablishment of solar energy in households without electricity.
  • dotProviding selected beneficiaries with refrigerators, butter churns and dairy processing equipment with the purpose of further enabling them to store their dairy products.
  • dotCapacity building of beneficiaries income generating activities.

The Community Resilience and Development Programme (CRDP) under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has awarded USD 250,000.00 to DanChurchAid to help in improving living conditions of vulnerable households in the southern part of Hebron, Palestine.

In the poor and rural Bedouin area of the southern part of Hebron, many households have been struggling due to not having access to affordable electricity. Since the women in the area work in dairy production as their source of income, the lack of electricity challenges their ability to work productively and have a decent income.

The project activities include providing 43 of the target households with off-grid solar systems and another 100 households with simple spotlights in five Bedouin communities. Selected households will further be given refrigerators, butter churns and dairy processing equipment. The access to electricity will aid the beneficiaries in powering their refrigerators and butter churns as well as their ability to store dairy products. Moreover, such activities will facilitate the potential for creating income generating activities (IGA-work) while ensuring a higher quality of life.

DCA’s implementing partner in the project is The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ).

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