Protection and Advocacy Action for Vulnerable people in the occupied palestinian territory, West Bank


Access to water is essential for the Bedouins for survival of their animal flocks.

To help mitigate the situation of not enough water for animal husbandry, DCA and EJ
YMCA will rehabilitate 20 ancient cisterns for public use to benefit local Bedouin shepherds.

Project Description

Fast facts

Total amount: 1,316,841 EUR
Start date: July 1, 2013
Duration: 18 months
Direct beneficiaries: 12.051 people
Other beneficiaries: 174.642 people
Partners: EJ YMCA, B’Tselem and BADIL, KEREM  

Main outcomes:
• Increased access to agricultural and safe drinking water and hygiene facilities, resources, services and advocacy.
• Hygiene practices are better understood and implemented in rural homes and schools.
• Increased availability and access to safe drinking water for human consumption and water for agricultural hygiene.
• Accurate information on forced population transfer and the de-development implications of the occupation is increased locally and globally.

ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 1,200,000 to protect, assist and advocate for the most vulnerable segments of the West Bank (Area C) populations affected by the Israeli occupation. The project is a continuation of four previous phases supported by ECHO.

Israel’s planning regime in Area C poses a growing existential threat to the population, and in particular the Bedouin community living there, who continues to suffer from shrinking grazing land and lack of access to basic services due to settlements. One resisting problem is the access to water, especially for Bedouins.

Against this background, the project aims to link humanitarian aid with protection/advocacy activities to contribute to a positive development for the most vulnerable people in the area. This is done through capacity-building/empowerment of local communities to improve their own protection and improving the availability and access to water supplies.

DCA’s partners in the project are The Easts Jerusalem Young Men’s Christian Asociation (EJ YMCA), B’Tselem and BADIL.

ECHO contribution

  • dotPhase I (2010):  300.000 EUR
  • dotPhase II (2011): 720.000 EUR
  • dotPhase III (2012): 1.305.400 EUR
  • dotPhase IV (2013): 830.000 EUR


Thanks to ECHOs recent contribution DCA have been able to continue with its activities in the occupied Palestinian territory supporting the most vulnerable segments of the population, affected by the conflict.

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