Providing School Uniforms, School Bags and Stationary to Children


In order to help displaced and conflict affected children to be able to return to school the project provides each child in northern Gaza with a school uniform and a pair of shoes.

The distribution is taking place through a voucher system, where the children have the right to choose upon their needs from a list that includes a variety of school uniforms items.

Project Description

Fast Facts

Total amount: USD 249,413
Start date: October 28, 2014
Duration: 1 month
Beneficiaries: 6.400 children
Partners: JRS

Main outcomes:

  • dotAssisting vulnerable children in claiming their right to education and return to school.
  • dotProviding a school uniform and a pair of shoes to displaced and conflict affected children in North Gaza.
  • dotDistributing a voucher of $35 USD for each benefitting child to cover their needs for school items.
  • dotEnhancing gender equality and equal access to education by ensuring that 54 % of the 6400 students are girls.

UNOCHA has provided DanChurchAid with 249,413 USD to prepare the most vulnerable children affected by the war in Gaza to return to school and claim their right to education in a safe and protected environment.

A healthy return to school is crucial to the psychological and emotional recovery of vulnerable children and their families in Gaza. 

Many families suffer psychologically from the stress of not being able to provide adequate, nutritious food and stress relieving activities for their children. School uniforms provide a vital symbolic and visual support to this process, and reduces the risk of stigmatization of children whose parents cannot afford to prioritize the purchase of uniforms.

Each benefitting child at school's primary stage in North Gaza are provided with 35 USD to cover a school uniform and a pair of shoes.

DCA’s partner in the project is JRS.


United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


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