Women´s inheritance and property rights in Palestine


In order to raise awareness on women's right to inherit, DanChurchAid and partners produced a theatre play called “The Right and the Bracelet”.

The play premiered in Ramallah on November 2nd 2011. A full theatre of 100 people, mostly women, showed up to learn more.

Project description

Fast facts

Total amount: EUR 860,888
Start date: 01.03.2010
Duration: 72 months
Direct beneficiaries: 10,000

Main outcomes:

  • dot80-130 female CBO staff, journalists and lawyers trained in women's inheritance rights.
  • dot10,000 women empowered to fight for their right to own property.
  • dot576 educational activities about women inheritance reach 8,640-11,520 individuals.
  • dotDocumentary film on women's property rights shown 84 times on Palestinian TV.

EuropeAid has provided EUR 750,000 for DanChurchAid to enhance the capacity of community based organisations to lead advocacy campaigns on women's inheritance rights in Palestine, as well as encourage women to know and fight for their property rights.

The project also aims at raising awareness on the laws, violations and effects of property discrimination against women.

The beneficiaries are women of all ages in the Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In the project DanChurchAid cooperates closely with The East Jerusalem Young Men’s Christian Association (EJ YMCA), Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development (PWWSD), Women’s Affairs Center (WAC).

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A new play about women’s inheritance rights premiered in Ramallah on November 2nd 2011. A full theatre of 100 people, mostly women, showed up to learn more. The play was produced by DanChurchAid and funded by the European Union
Study circles
As a part of the project “Inheritance Denied: Combating Gender Inequality in Property Rights in Palestine” the EJ YMCA, PWWSD and WAC have held four study circles in Palestine; one in the south of the West Bank (Bethlehem) one in the North (Nablus), one in Ramallah and one in Gaza city, with the participation of lawyers, Women’s Rights Activists, CBO/CSO leaders and journalists.
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