We work in a Joint Country Programme with Norwegian Church Aid to promote a viable and just peace in the region. We work to save lives, build resilient communities and fight inequality.

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Country Director
Mads Frilander
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DCA & NCA Palestine
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East Jerusalem
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4,020,692 US$ in 2017 

People in need reached
172,237 people have received help 

Experience in Palestine
DCA and NCA have worked in Palestine since the early 1950s

DCA and NCA in Palestine

DanChurchAid (DCA) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) have worked in Palestine since the early 1950s. Consequently, DCA and NCA have an intimate knowledge of political, cultural and religious components of the protracted humanitarian crisis arising from the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict.

In close partnership with local stakeholders, DCA-NCA’s Joint Country Programme (JCP) intervenes to save lives, build resilient communities and fight inequalities resulting from the situation of occupation as well as Palestinian specific socio-cultural issues. The JCP interventions are strongly grounded in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights law (IHRL) to promote a viable and just peace in the region.

Relying on lessons learned, results and challenges from our work since the early 1950’s, the JCP integrates protection activities, economic empowerment and strengthens linkages with national and international advocacy. The JCP emphasizes women’s and youth’s participation, and building leadership skills. 

What we do? 
We support communities in developing and implementing sustainable strategies to address vulnerabilities and rights violations - Building on own resources and strengths.
We plan our programme activities with communities to identify and address relevant national level accountability gaps.
We work with communities, civil society and the Palestinian Authorities when addressing IHL violations with international duty-bearers. 

Click on the link below and download a factsheet about our work in Palestine

DCA in Palestine

Activities in Palestine

Humanitarian response - act fast, think long!

Humanitarian response - act fast, think long!

Our aim is to build increased resilience of the marginalized and vulnerable women and men, boys and girls to predict, withstand, and recover from disaster and conflict. We provide timely humanitarian assistance and protection.

We link humanitarian response with development interventions to safeguard achievements made, enhance synergy, and advance long-term disaster risk reduction. The following activity areas are prioritised:

* Building local capacities and preparedness for effective, accountable, coordinated humanitarian response
* Timely and effective response to acute crisis which support long-term solutions
* Medium-term response to the prolonged protection crisis

Economic empowerment

Economic empowerment

DCA and NCA combined their respective programme interventions through Economic Empowerment and Right to Food to support livelihood strategies that address the equity deficits of vulnerable Palestinian groups, communities and individuals, especially women and youth.

We aim to create job opportunities and diversifying income generating opportunities. The JCP utilises methodologies that empower and organise people for collective action through vocational training, farmers associations, entrepreneurships, and cooperative models. 

An example of our efforts to increase women’s economic empowerment and increase their income, together with our partner The Applied Research Instiute of Jerusalem (ARIJ), is this small film about livestock development and management:

You can see a small film about an innovative example of our work, together with local partner EJ-YMCA, to help people a healthier and more sustainable life is to teach them permaculture farming:

Active citizenship

Active citizenship

We encourage local communities to exercise their right to self-determination, participation, and representation in decision-making fora. We work with communities in identifying and addressing relevant national level accountability gaps and IHL violations, together with international duty-bearers.

The programme engages civil society actors, including faith-based actors, for active citizenship that contributes to inclusion and participation of all Palestinians, especially women and youth. We strengthen protection and coping mechanisms against rights-violations, support dialog among different social groups to solve conflicts, and provide breathing space for both national and international human rights organisations.

International advocacy

International advocacy

DCA-NCA believes that securing adherence to IHRL and IHL is a prerequisite for improving the humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Our advocacy efforts focus on countering settlements and their expansion, displacement and forcible transfer, securing public and private adherence to the UN Guiding principles on business and human rights, the blockade of Gaza, and IHL and IHRL violations.

To achieve this, an essential part of DCA-NCA’s work is to support partner organizations’ enhanced accountability, capacities, networks, documentation and access to decision-making fora at different levels

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STUDY: Potential vs Political Challenges
Private Sector Engagement Analysis in Electricity/Solar Energy, and Youth Job Opportunities Study

Urban rooftop gardening 
We respond innovatively to the acute food needs by rooftop urban gardening 

More with less
Letting go in Palestine - experimenting with a different approach to protection

Batoul - Community activism
To raise awareness of the Palestinian community about international tools and mechanisms.

Where we work in Palestine

Local Partners in Palestine

We have a diversified partner portfolio consisting of a mix of local community based organisations, national NGOs, faith-based organisations, and networks from both Palestine and Israel.

DCA and NCA have strategic cooperation with the LWF/Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) in Jerusalem and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL).

DCA-NCA is an active member of the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), the ACT Alliance Palestine Forum as well as the ACT EU Middle East Working Group. 

  • Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
  • Near East Council of Churches (NECC)
  • Department of services for Palestinian Refugees (DSPR)
  • Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF)
  • Kairos
  • Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)
  • Badil
  • Btselem
  • Palvision
  • Ahli Arab Hospital
  • MAAN Development Center
  • Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
  • The Applied Research Instiute of Jerusalem (ARIJ)
  • Palestinian Businesswomen's Association (ASALA) 
  • The World Council of Churches/Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (WCC/EAPPI)
  • Ard El Insan (AEI)
  • Women Affairs center (WAC)
  • Breaking the Silence

Donors in Palestine

Youth volunteers on exchange visit to Brussels 


Youth organised/led Electric Bike tours of East Jerusalem


Improved “alfalfa” for sheep fodder


DCA/NCA staff always “on call” for updates from Gaza


Family benefit from improved milk and cheese production


DCA/NCA consult with community in Bardala, Jordan Valley


DCA staff from Jerusalem and HQ entering Gaza to work with staff/partners there


Improved vegetable production ARIJ (Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem)


LWF Vocational Training Programme Culinary Skills


LWF Augusta Victoria Hospital Mobile Diabetes Clinic.


Youth Engagement with PalVision


Our global goals

Save lives
Our goal is to protect and save lives 

Build resilient communities
Our goal is to ensure sustainable development

Fight extreme inequality
Our goal is to fight political, social and environmental and economic inequality