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DCA's Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Risk Reduction programme addresses vulnerabilities in relation to predictable or recurring events to reduce the effects of disasters on people, property and the environment. Also, it provides immediate humanitarian assistance to the people affected by conflicts and natural disasters.

As DCA is a humanitarian as well as rights- based organization, it links its humanitarian actions with long term development programmes, especially the Right to Food programme.

DCA as a part of ACT Alliance

DanChurchAid is a part of ACT Alliance and has been working for more than two decades in the South Asia region to provide humanitarian assistance in both sudden onset and slow onset disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, fire and drought, and complex crises caused primarily by war and conflict.

In addition, DCA's humanitarian programme interventions are usually followed by a comprehensive DRR effort, combining food security, DRR and climate change adaptation.

An advocate for local populations

DCA, along with ACT partners in the region, advocates for local populations where core humanitarian principles and standards are not respected. DCA continuously works to strengthen stakeholders’ knowledge of sphere standards and HAP benchmarks, especially the development of complaints mechanisms, the provision of adequate information, and fostering participation of disaster and conflict-affected communities.

DCA’s humanitarian action is responding to humanitarian crises mostly through short term stand-alone projects and in many cases linking immediate response interventions to right to food, disaster risk reduction and livelihood interventions.