© Gyan Sunuwar/DCA

Promoting migrants’ rights

The regional Migrants’ Rights Programme (MRP) comes under DCA’s global Active Citizenship Programme.

It represents the second phase of the former Asia Safe Migration (ASM) programme, and is currently being implemented through DCA’s Regional Offices in South Asia (SARO), Cambodia, and Burma/ Myanmar.

It works with partners in seven core countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Securing the entire cycle of migration

The focus of the programme lies on securing migrant workers’ rights through the entire cycle of migration, from origin, through transit, at destination, and at return to their home country.

The three SARO countries are mainly sending countries in this scenario, although India also plays the role of transit country for many migrants going further afield.

The programme’s main objectives, in line with this focus, are:

  1. dotThe empowerment of migrant workers to claim their rights
  2. dotIncreased accountability of governments and other duty bearers responsible for ensuring rights of migrant workers, as a result of civil society interventions
  3. dotThe strengthening of civil society organizations and government institutions working with migrants and for migrants’ rights