We focus on Humanitarian Action, Active Citizenship and Right to Food

Country Director
Mads Schack Lindegaard
Mail: msl@dca.dk
Phone: +263 (0204) 704

DCA Zimbabwe 
PO Box 41629
162 Josiah Chinamano Avenue
Harare Zimbabwe
+263 (04) 704751/704764/704716

USD 3,4 million (EUR 7,7 million) (2020)

People in need reached
DCA Zimbabwe has reached 240,000 individuals 

Experience in Zimbabwe
From the early to the late 1980s. In 2014, DCA reopened its offices in the country. 

DCA in Zimbabwe

Who we are

DanChurchAid is a Danish faith-based civil society organization. It was founded in 1922 by representatives of the Danish Evangelical Church, which continues to be a key DCA constituency. DCA is also supported by volunteers, supporters, and staff working hard to save lives in many countries. DanChurchAid supports the needy and poorest of the world in their struggle for a dignified and better life and helps those whose lives are threatened.

We provide emergency relief in disaster-stricken areas and long-term development assistance in poor regions – to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Our work is derived from Christian values. We show active compassion, share with the world’s poorest, and help those in need. The situation of each individual is the starting point for our work, with respect for human rights and equality. We engage with local organisations, and seek to influence decision makers to improve conditions for the poorest. We work closely with faith-based and other partners, and break new ground in our partnerships to make the greatest possible difference in the world.

We show leadership and maintain our 100 years of tradition for action and innovation. By experimenting and testing new ways of working with volunteers, donors and partners, we help people in poverty and distress to find a better life and have hope for a better world.

Our values

Compassionate: We respect and welcome differences and are obligated to help others. We walk that extra mile for people in need and encourage dialogue whenever possible. We work hard to ensure that people have equal rights and are treated equally.
Proactive: We create positive change by taking action when needed. We create space for innovation and are constantly curious on new ways of working. We seek engagement with others to break new ground.
Responsible: We are transparent and accountable in all actions and create sustainable solutions. We inspire trust by leading by example with integrity. We consider the bigger picture and develop solutions that will provide sustainable and effective aid work.
Respectful: We respect the wishes and preferences of the people we help and act respectfully in all activities. We learn from our colleagues and partners to strengthen our organisation.


Global temperatures and extreme weather events are on the rise. Those most at risk are poorer countries and within them marginalised communities. Their capacity to manage and adapt to climate changes is limited and undermining livelihoods. Productivity of crops and livestock decreases in the absence of adaptation measures.
Many communities have increasing numbers of young unemployed people that do not have access to viable livelihoods. Inequalities and power imbalances between e.g. urban and rural communities, men and women, and rich and poor, affect all aspects of these communities.
Across all these vulnerable communities, we see discrimination and exclusion because of ethnicity, gender, age, religion and severe human rights violations here under lack of access to protection, basic services, productive and natural resources, resilient methods as well as decision-making forums.

DCA currently has four programme thematic focuses

Right to food
Humanitarian action
Safer communities
Active citizenship

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Factsheet about our work: DCA in Zimbabwe

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Activities in Zimbabwe

Fighting inequality

Fighting inequality

Our vision is that all individuals believe in and claim human rights and entitlements, living their full potential, in a just and equitable society. They enjoy accountable and responsible governance with equal access for all to all human rights.

• There is space for diversified and accountable civil society
• All legal and moral duty bearers are accountable and responsible and ensure non-discriminatory practices and equitable distribution of resources
• Individuals are active citizens who enjoy accountable and responsive governance through participation and inclusion

Saving lives

Saving lives

Our vision is that persons and communities affected by crises are protected, able to withstand and recover from shocks, and live dignified lives.

• Lives and livelihoods are saved, and suffering alleviated in the event of life-threatening crises;
• Destruction of local communities is reduced, and rehabilitation is expedient when it does occur. Besides the immediate response, we work for the following long-term changes:
• Governments and International Communities, Private Sector (PS), and Non-State Actors (NSA) develop and adhere to International Conventions, International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and related policies. • Persons and communities affected by crisis are safe, empowered and self-reliant, and post-crisis communities have increased resilience

Building resilient communities

Building resilient communities

Our vision is that individuals and their communities enjoy resilient livelihoods, and that they are influencing institutions at all levels and live in safety, dignity and justice.

• are living safe and protected lives, mitigate risks, absorb shocks and manage the impacts.
• use productive resources sustainably, practice diversified and sustainable livelihood strategies and have equitable access to and control of productive and natural resources.
• influence decisions and decision-makers that enable them to be resilient.

Donors in Zimbabwe

Our global goals

Save lives
Our goal is to protect and save lives 

Build resilient communities
Our goal is to ensure sustainable development

Fight extreme inequality
Our goal is to fight political, social and environmental and economic inequality