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About DanChurchAid

We support the world's poorest in their struggle for a dignified life

DanChurchAid supports the poorest in the world in their struggle for a dignified life and helps people in need. We provide emergency relief in disaster-stricken areas and long-term assistance in the poor regions to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our work derives from Christian values. We show active compassion, share with the world’s poorest, and help those in need. We act courageously and proactively when injustices are committed against people, and when human rights are violated.

The situation of each individual is the starting point for our work, with respect for human rights and equality. We engage with popular and political forces and seek to influence decision-makers to improve the conditions for the world’s poorest. We work closely with faith-based and other partners and are breaking new ground in our partnerships to have the biggest impact on the world.

We show leadership and continue our 100-year tradition of action and innovation. By experimenting and testing new ways of working with volunteers, donors, and partners, we help people in poverty and distress to find a better life and have hope for a better world.

Coming together to help

DanChurchAid works closely with a long list of faith-based organisations and local partners around the world, and we are experimenting with alternative forms of collaboration to have the greatest possible impact on the world.

We are always experimenting and testing new ways of working with volunteers, companies, donors, and partners who are helping people in need to find a better life and have hope for a better world.

We are part of the ACT Alliance – an alliance of more than 140 churches and humanitarian organisations around the world. Together, we are one of the five largest NGOs in the world. The ACT Alliance works on development issues, disaster relief, and advocacy in over 140 countries.

DanChurchAid is an independent organisation. Our work is financed via fundraising campaigns, contributions from individuals and companies, and funds from the Danish government (Danida), EU and UN organisations, and other international funds.

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Where we work

An overview of where DanChurchAid works in the world.

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