How we work

Our work is based on three international goals

Save lives
Our goal is to protect and save lives 

Build resilient communities
Our goal is to ensure sustainable development

Fight extreme inequality
Our goal is to fight political, social and environmental and economic inequality

All international programmes and projects in DCA are developed to achieve the above three goals. Projects and programmes are implemented within one of four thematic priorities: Active Citizenship, Right to Food, Humanitarian Action, and Safer Communities. All of our work is done with a Gender Equality and Human Rights commitment.

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We work in partnerships and highly prioritise support to local civil society organisations. This ensures that our emergency and development work effectively targets the poorest and that activities become locally sustainable. We have a particular interest in Religion and Development and supporting faith-based actors, but also work with many secular organisations.

Standards & commitments

DCA has a strong belief in setting clear and common standards - and being accountable to these. Together with like-minded organisations, we are a signatory to a number of commitments for international organisations. 

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To meet our commitments of being accountable and having clear standards we have a quality management system. Here we have well-described procedures for planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

This also includes a systematic approach to key issues such as procurement, and anti-corruption. Our complaints handling mechanism can be equally accessed by partners, staff, supporters, and other stakeholders; this helps us to identify breaches and to continuously develop our systems and procedures.

The standards and overall goals are global; however, the work and organizational set-up is decentralised to a large degree. In our ten focus countries we have country offices. They develop our country programmes and have the daily responsibility for the implementation, including the approval of projects, the contact with local partners, and the monitoring of all ongoing projects.

Since 2008, DCA has been externally certified as a Humanitarian Actor. The most resent certification was received in 2017 in accordance to the Core Humanitarian Standard. In addition, we have been thoroughly assessed by several of our major institutional donors, e.g. USAID, ECHO, and Danida, with whom we have strategic partnerships.

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Where we work

Where we work